Skeptics' Longest, Strongest Argument Kicks the Bucket

The humble bucket turns out to be at the bottom of a perplexing anomaly in the climate records for the twentieth century.

Land and ocean temperature measurements show a strange cooling of about 0.3 °C in the global mean temperature in 1945. A US–British team of climate scientists has now found a surprisingly simple explanation for the long-standing conundrum. It turns out that the mysterious drop is due to differences in the way that British and US ships' crews measured the sea surface temperature (SST) in the 1940s.


“Perplexing anomaly”? Hardly. Bucket measurements have been criticized for years for the sloppiness and uncertainty surrounding the data collection. This issue was raised previously at Climate Audit well before the “experts” got around to studying the issue properly.

Like the Hockey Stick, we are finding that historic data is often not of very high quality.