Skico Joins Climate Change Case Against EPA

As reported here in the Aspen Times, “the Aspen Skiing Co. on Thursday joined a major U.S. Supreme Court case against the Environmental Protection Agency to recognize greenhouse gas emissions as pollutants.”

It's another reminder that a lot of corporate profits rest on climate stability. The naysayers keep prattling on about the cost of addressing global warming. And increasingly large corporate community is recognizing the high price of failing to do so.


This may be the way it’s going to have to happen. I had always hoped that the goodness of people and smart government would lead us in the direction of saving ourselves from climate change, but it appears that it’ll be done the American way, through the courts. It’s embarrassing that us, as humans, can’t be clever enough to recognize this problem and address it, but instead must be forced into by law. I liken it to smoking; we know it’s bad for us, but we continue to smoke, and high taxes and restrictions on places we can smoke seem to be the only thing that forces people to quit. However, if we wait for governments and the courts to make these changes on our behalf, it may be too late. We need about a hundred more Al Gores, I think, to get this working faster.

The loss of income to the ski industry is just the tip of the (now melting) iceberg. The insurance, and ,more importantly, the reinsurance industry ,forsee total bankruptcy by 2040. The entire world gross economic output is slated to completey disappear by mid century due to the costs associated with climate change. The rise in sea level alone will bankrupt most nations budgets. The only way to stop this outcome is with a reduction of worldwide co2 output to 80% below 1990 levels, right now. Even then, LoveLock thinks the point of no return has passed, and I agree with him. Better rent Mad Max Thunderdome for survival tips.By the way, Northern California will run out of drinking water long before the millions of environmental refugees from the coast even arrive.As I have stated before the possibility of a runaway greenhouse effect is a real threat. I hear insects, particularly cockroaches, as well as viruses and bacteria, do very well as the heat increases. Perhaps they deserve, from a purely moral as well as Darwinian standpoint to inherit what will be left of the planet. The irony is that only 58% of Democrats will vote for Angelides now that Schwarzenhager,or however you spell it , has taken the lead on co2 reductions.