Snarling Commentary on Small Dead Animals

Here's a strong of argument, invective and, rarely, common sense on another right wingy blog, Small Dead Animals. Worth reading for Tim Ball fans and foes and for those who can't get enough of the cut and thrust of climate change denial.


I can’t believe the derision and hatred for science and scientists exhibited on that blog. Seems like most of the commentators are associated with the oil and gas industry. Reading between the lines I would also add that a large number are also “Friends of Science”. Such hypocrisy.

Funny, one of the only places left that publishes the oil industry flak Tim Ball is a site who’s theme is roadkill. Ball and the natural resource project, or whatever they’re called, are so out of touch with Canadians, government and industry. Has Ball admitted yet that his new front group is funded by the oil and gas industry or he pleadeing ignorance AGAIN?!