Spread the light and offset your Christmas carbon

A lot of people have been asking DeSmog about “Carbon-friendly” giftgiving this year and in the dying days of the shopping season we would like to propose a simple, cheap and very effective Christmas carbon-offset program.

Go out and pick up a dozen compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFL) and include them with your gifts to friends and family with an accompanying note to please replace your most-used lightbulb in your house. The cost to you is about 20 bucks, but the savings in carbon emissions are huge.

According to Energy Star, CFL's use 2/3 less energy than a standard lightbulb and if 2.5 million households replaced just one light it would prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalant to nearly 800,000 cars. Not to mention it makes a great conversation piece about the issue of global warming.


You forgot to mention how much more long-lasting these CFL bulbs are over conventional lightbulbs! Over the long run, they contribute less to global warming.