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State Policy Network (SPN)


The State Policy Network (SPN) is a group of free market think tanks in the U.S. According to its website, there is at least one member in every state “fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels.” SPN is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is supported largely by conservative foundations. [1][2]

The State Policy Network was started in 1992 by Thomas A. Roe, at the urging of Ronald Reagan, and originally called the Madison Group. SPN's vision is that “state-based think tanks will educate the general public and policy makers in every state to embrace market-friendly policies that maximize liberty and opportunity.” [3]

Stance on Climate Change

SPN supports the work of many of the most vocal think tanks that are promoting climate change skepticism including the Heartland Institute, Cato Institute, and Heritage Foundation

In a “policy exchange” promoting the views of Marlo Lewis Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, SPN claims that “the EPA's ever-increasing mandates, from the revised air standards for ozone to the new greenhouse gas emissions standards, will severely impact state economic growth.” [4]

On the subject of climate change, SPN has promoted the view that “… the planet is believed to be experiencing a global cooling-not a warming.” [5]


The following data is based on data collected by the Conservative Transparency project. Note that not all funding data has been verified by DeSmogBlog for accuracy.
See the attached spreadsheet for a complete list of State Policy Network funding by year (.xls)[6]
* Denotes current member of State Policy Network, as of September 2015. 
** Denotes Associate Member.
*** Listed under “Other Organizations” on SPN website.

As Recipient

Donors Capital Fund $14,828,024
Searle Freedom Trust*** $2,702,000
The Thirteen Foundation $1,526,125
DonorsTrust** $1,334,950
The Roe Foundation $1,107,000
Jaquelin Hume Foundation $805,000
JM Foundation $775,000
The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation $180,000
John M. Olin Foundation $155,000
Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation $150,000
Castle Rock Foundation $135,000
Chase Foundation of Virginia $130,860
Dunn's Foundation for the Advancement of Right Thinking $101,000
John William Pope Foundation $101,000
The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation $98,805
Institute for Humane Studies*** $94,751
Lovett and Ruth Peters Foundation $77,500
Lowndes Foundation $75,000
Ruth & Lovett Peters Foundation $75,000
William H. Donner Foundation $68,500
PhRMA $60,000
The Rodney Fund $58,500
Armstrong Foundation $55,000
Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation $49,000
John Dawson Foundation $25,000
Reams Foundation $25,000
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation*** $15,223
American Legislative Exchange Council** $15,000
Barney Family Foundation $10,000
Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice $10,000
Diana Davis Spencer Foundation $7,000
Deramus Foundation $6,000
Tepper Family Foundation $6,000
Robert P. Rotella Foundation $5,000
Aequus Institute $4,500
National Christian Foundation $3,500
The Robertson-Finley Foundation $2,500
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation $1,000
Grand Total $24,878,738

As Donor

Operation Geek Farm (now Spark Freedom)** $496,900
Opportunity Ohio $394,775
James Madison Institute* $364,322
Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives* $362,750
Illinois Policy Institute* $329,500
South Carolina Policy Council* $320,139
Idaho Freedom Foundation* $290,000
Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation** $290,000
Texas Public Policy Foundation* $277,500
Mackinac Center for Public Policy* $254,750
Pelican Institute for Public Policy* $253,718
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs* $245,971
Independence Institute* $242,113
North Dakota Policy Council $241,197
Foundation for Government Accountability* $223,150
The Freedom Foundation* $222,164
Maine Heritage Policy Center* $206,000
Cascade Policy Institute* $184,822
Sam Adams Alliance** $181,386
Ocean State Policy Research Institute $172,166
Everglades Legal Foundation $170,000
Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity* $160,000
Open Government Institute of California*** $135,000
Goldwater Institute** $128,549
Maryland Public Policy Institute* $127,500
Rio Grande Foundation* $127,000
Beacon Hill Institute** $118,000
Sutherland Institute* $117,324
Washington Policy Center* $116,832
Montana Policy Institute* $105,000
Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity** $100,000
Show-Me Institute* $94,451
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute* $93,555
Wyoming Liberty Group* $90,000
Advance Arkansas Institute* $85,000
Texas Watchdog $82,000
DC Progress $81,791
Empire Center for State Policy* $81,500
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota* $79,500
John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy* $75,000
Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy* $72,200
Alabama Policy Institute* $66,000
Caesar Rodney Institute* $66,000
Georgia Public Policy Foundation* $65,475
Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions* $60,000
Virginia Institute for Public Policy* $58,941
Kansas Policy Research Institute* $57,500
Tennessee Center for Policy Research (Now Beacon Center of Tennessee)* $52,589
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy* $50,069
Common Sense Institute of New Jersey $50,000
Liberty on the Rocks*** $50,000
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy* $50,000
Spark Freedom** $47,500
Nevada Policy Research Institute* $43,000
Georgia Center for Opportunity* $40,000
True The Vote $40,000
Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia* $35,000
Bluegrass Institute* $30,000
Civitas Institute* $30,000
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research** $30,000
Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute $30,000
Where's the Line America Foundation $30,000
Platte Institute for Economic Research* $28,000
John Locke Foundation* $25,714
American Phoenix Foundation $25,000
Ethan Allen Institute* $24,930
The Liberty Foundation of America** $24,700
Wyoming Policy Institute* $22,500
Public Interest Institute* $21,250
1851 Center for Constitutional Law** $20,000
First Freedoms Foundation of South Dakota $20,000
Atlas Economic Research Foundation** $17,894
Solutions for New Jersey $12,500 News Service $7,985
Arkansas Policy Foundation* $6,100
Mississippi Center for Public Policy* $6,045
1816 Institute $5,846
Beacon Center of Tennessee* $5,000
Talent Market $5,000
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii* $2,500
Great Plains Public Policy Institute* $2,500
Kansas Policy Institute* $2,500
Janine Warner $2,037
Richard O. Rowland $1,784
Ann McElhinney $1,676
Corey Miltimore $1,385
Deborah D. Thornton $1,354
Georgia Family Council $1,182
Mary Crean $1,035
Chris Derry $1,024
Dwight Tostenson $1,000
Tom Prichard $982
Ron Williamson $774
Jack McHugh $714
William Wnekowicz $699
Stephen Clouse & Associates $667
James Shaffer $485
Kurt Weber $457
Louisiana Family Forum** $412
William Felkner $385
A. C. Fitzgerald & Associates $337
Richard Lorenc $163
Grand Total $9,080,115

Key People

Board of Directors

As of September, 2015: [7]

Related Organizations

SPN states that membership is voluntary and by invitation-only. According to their website, “SPN's mission is to provide its members with capacity-building services. SPN neither directs nor manages its members' programs or activities. SPN members pride themselves on their independence and relevancy to their respective states and/or areas of public policy research.” [9]

Regular Members

A regular member operates as a full-service think tank, addressing a variety of relevant policy issues, not just a single-issue. They will operate independently with their state, and not as part of a state chapter, franchise, other effort of a separate organization. Their primary goal is to provide educational materials to the citizenry, public officials, and members of the media with a state-based focus. They refuse to accept or solicit government funding, and are IRS approved 501(c)(3)s.”

Associate Members

Like regular members, associate members are organizations that display a commitment to a market-oriented foundational public policy. They are also IRS approved 501(c)(3) organizations primarily focused on education and operate independently of all government funding. However, unlike regular members, SPN Associate Members can be national in scope and are not necessarily oriented towards a single state.”

As of September, 2015, The State Policy Network listed the following members in their online directory (view all State Policy Network member organizations in .xls format): [10] 

SPN Members SPN Associate Members Other Organizations
Advance Arkansas Institute 1851 Center for Constitutional Law ACCF Center for Policy Research
Alabama Policy Institute Accuracy In Media Accuracy in Academia
Alaska Policy Forum Acton Institute Adams Report
Arkansas Policy Foundation Advocates for Self-Government Alliance Defense Fund
Beacon Center of Tennessee Allegheny Institute for Public Policy Alliance for Choice in Education
Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions Alliance for School Choice Alliance for Maine's Future
Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions America's Future Foundation America's Future
Caesar Rodney Institute American Consumer Institute American Association of Small Property Owners
California Public Policy Center American Council of Trustees and Alumni American Center for Law and Justice
Calvert Institute for Policy Research American Enterprise Institute American Conservative Union
Cascade Policy Institute American Legislative Exchange Council American Council on Science & Health
Center of the American Experiment American Majority American Dream Coalition
Commonwealth Foundation American Principles Project American Institute for Full Employment
Empire Center American Tradition Institute American Land Rights Association
Empower Mississippi Foundation American Transparency - OpenTheBooks American Majority
Ethan Allen Institute Americans for Prosperity Foundation Americans for Fair Taxation
Foundation for Government Accountability Americans For Tax Reform Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
Freedom Foundation (formerly Evergreen Freedom Foundation) Ashbrook Center Americans for Limited Government Foundation
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota Atlantic Legal Foundation Americans for Prosperity - Arizona
Georgia Center for Opportunity Atlas Network Americans for Prosperity - Colorado
Georgia Public Policy Foundation Ayn Rand Institute Americans for Prosperity - Georgia
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii Bastiat Society Americans for Prosperity - Illinois
Great Plains Public Policy Institute Bastiat Society of Charleston Americans for Prosperity - Michigan
Idaho Freedom Foundation Bastiat Society of Charlotte Americans for Prosperity - Missouri
Illinois Policy Institute Bastiat Society of Cleveland Americans for Prosperity - NC
Independence Institute Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs Americans for Prosperity - NJ
Indiana Policy Review Foundation Bastiat Society of Delaware Americans for Prosperity - North Dakota
James Madison Institute Bastiat Society of Indianapolis Americans for Prosperity - Oklahoma
John Locke Foundation Bastiat Society of Nashville Americans for Prosperity - South Carolina
John William Pope Civitas Institute Bastiat Society of Portland Americans for Prosperity - South Dakota
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy Bastiat Society of Sacramento Americans for Prosperity - Texas
Kansas Policy Institute Bastiat Society of San Jose Americans for Prosperity - Topeka, Kansas
Libertas Institute Bastiat Society of St. Louis Americans for Prosperity - Virginia
MacIver Institute for Public Policy Bastiat Society of Wichita Americans for Prosperity - Wichita, Kansas
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Bastiat Society of Wilmington Americans for Prosperity- Wisconsin
Maine Heritage Policy Center Beacon Hill Institute Americans United for Life
Maryland Public Policy Institute Benjamin Rush Institute Association of American Educators
Mississippi Center for Public Policy Better Government Project Bill of Rights Institute
Montana Policy Institute Capital Research Center Black Alliance for Educational Options
Nevada Policy Research Institute Cato Institute Broad Foundation
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs Centennial Institute Building Excellent Schools
Pacific Research Institute Center for Competitive Politics California Common Sense
Palmetto Promise Institute Center for Education Reform CalWatchDog
Pelican Institute for Public Policy Citizens Against Government Waste Center for Civic Renewal
Pioneer Institute Citizens Council for Health Freedom Center for Individual Freedom
Platte Institute for Economic Research Claremont Institute Center for Self-Government in the West
Public Interest Institute Compact for America Educational Foundation Center for Union Facts
Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia Competitive Enterprise Institute Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity David Horowitz Freedom Center Christian Coalition of Alabama
Rio Grande Foundation DonorsTrust Citizen Outreach Foundation
Show-Me Institute Education Action Group Foundation Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania
South Carolina Policy Council Families Against Mandatory Minimums Citizens Equal Rights Alliance
Sutherland Institute Foundation for Economic Education Citizens for Limited Taxation
Texas Public Policy Foundation Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability Civitas Institute
Thomas Jefferson Institute Foundation for Excellence in Education Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
Virginia Institute for Public Policy Foundation for Self-Government Club for Growth
Washington Policy Center Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity Concerned Women for America
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Fraser Institute Congressional Institute
Wyoming Liberty Group Free State Foundation Consumers for Health Care Choices
Wyoming Policy Institute Free to Choose Network Cornerstone Policy Research
Yankee Institute for Public Policy FreedomWorks DCI Group Inc.
  Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Eagle Forum
  Frontier Lab Education Advancement Fund International
  Fund for American Studies Education Liberty Watch
  Galen Institute Inc. Ethics and Public Policy Center
  Goldwater Institute Excellent Education for Everyone
  Headspring Group Family Action Council of Tennessee
  Heartland Institute Family Research Council
  Heritage Foundation Federalist Society
  Independent Institute Florida TaxWatch
  Independent Women's Forum Foundation for Free Enterprise
  Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
  Institute for Justice Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment
  Institute for Policy Innovation Freedom Works - California
  Institute for Truth in Accounting Freedom Works - Colorado
  Intellectual Takeout Freedom Works - Florida
  Intercollegiate Studies Institute Freedom Works - Michigan
  Jesse Helms Center Freedom Works - North Carolina
  John William Pope Center for Higher Education Freedom Works - Oklahoma
  Judicial Watch Inc. Freedom Works - Oregon
  Just Facts Freedom Works - Texas
  Keystone Community of Hope Freedom Works - Washington State
  Leadership Institute Freedom Works - Wisconsin
  Leadership Program of the Rockies Future of Freedom Foundation
  Liberty Foundation of America Houston Property Rights Association
  Limited Government Forum Indiana Family Institute
  Louisiana Family Forum Innosight Institute
  Lucy Burns Institute Institute for Health Freedom
  Manhattan Institute for Policy Research Institute of the North
  Mercatus Center at George Mason University Iowa Taxpayer Association
  Moving Picture Institute John Jay Institute
  National Center for Policy Analysis Justice Foundation
  National Center for Public Policy Research Kansas Taxpayers Network
  National Legal and Policy Center Landmark Legal Foundation
  National Review Institute Let Freedom Ring
  National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Lexington Institute
  National Taxpayers Union Liberty Fund
  National Taxpayers Union Foundation Liberty Institute
  New Jersey Family Policy Council Liberty on the Rocks
  North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc.
  Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation Lincoln Legal Foundation
  Pacific Legal Foundation MacIver Institute for Public Policy
  Prometheus Institute Maryland Taxpayers Association Inc.
  Property & Environment Research Center Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA)
  R Street Institute Montana Taxpayers Association
  Reason Foundation Mountain States Legal Foundation
  Regular Folks United National Institute for Labor Relations Research
  Sam Adams Alliance National Tax Limitation Committee
  Small Business Hawaii National Taxpayers United-Illinois
  South Carolinians for Responsible Government Nebraska Tax Research Council
  Spark Freedom Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom
  State Budget Solutions Nevada Taxpayers Association
  Steamboat Institute Open Government Institute of California
  Students For Liberty Oregonians in Action
  Taliesin Nexus Parents In Charge Foundation
  Tax Foundation Pennsylvania Leadership Conference
  The Liberty Foundation of America Performance Institute
  Thomas B. Fordham Foundation Philanthropy Roundtable
  Tuerck Foundation for the Study of Economics, Law and the Humanities Property Rights Foundation of America Inc.
  Utah Taxpayers Foundation Public Policy Institute of New York
  Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, Inc. Public Service Research Foundation
  Young America's Foundation REACH
  Youth Entrepreneurs Religious Freedom Coalition
    Research Institute for Hawaii
    Rocky Mountain Foundation
    Sagamore Institute for Policy Research
    San Diego Institute for Policy Research
    Searle Freedom Trust
    Southeastern Legal Foundation
    Students in Free Enterprise
    Susan B. Anthony List
    Tax Foundation of Hawaii
    Taxpayer Association of Oregon
    Taxpayer's Federation of Illinois
    Taxpayers Network Incorporated
    Teach NYS
    Tennessee for Tax Reform
    Tennessee Tax Revolt
    Tennessee Taxpayers Association
    Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
    The Atlas Society
    The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College
    The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism
    Victims of the Endangered Species Act (VESA)
    We the People Foundation
    Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance
    Wyoming Heritage Foundation
    Young America's Foundation - California


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