Stauber's New Book

We have met the enemy—and it's our own PR machine. The Best War Ever
You may remember that we recently posted an interview with John Stauber, founder of the Center for Media and  Democracy and author of Toxic Sludge is Good for You. Well, fans of his work – and of SourceWatch and PRWatch – will be interested to know that he recently published a new book. The Best War Ever is a look at the US involvement in Iraq, and what the Bush administration's reliance on spin has to do with it.

The book “offers the most compelling and complete study to date of the propaganda campaign that led us to war, and which continues to trap the Bush administration within a “mirrored echo chamber” of its own “message consistency”—with catastrophic consequences for the United States and the world.”

If that sounds worth a read, then you might also be interested in the video. And if you haven't listened to the interview yet, you should. Stauber possesses a wealth of knowledge about PR and the ways it is used – and abused – for a whole host of interesting and controversial issues. Enjoy…