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DeSmog WeeklyFirst, a quick introduction: my name's Darren Barefoot. Along with my partner Julie Szabo, we're helping DeSmogBlog get the word out online. In industry parlance, we're social media marketers, which sounds a little smarmy.

Regardless, we're doing stuff like putting together newsletters of the best DeSmogBlog content. If you're only an occasional visitor to the site, or can't be bothered with all that RSS silliness, you can subscribe to The DeSmog Weekly. It's a quick-hit newsletter of the top five stories from this site for the previous week. We sent out our first issue today, and you can check it out in this screenshot .


Hi. I like the redesign, except for one thing: the colour of the links. Links in the text of posts are impossible to see. As a web reader I often am scanning text for the link to the relevant information. Your grey links in black text without underlines are very hard to find. The hover state could also be improved, in my opinion. Good luck with the blog!