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Mega Corporations Understand The Dangers Of Climate Change

While the U.S. federal government might be dragging its feet about climate change, corporations operating in the U.S. fully understand the physical and financial threats posed by extreme climate shifts. According to a new report by The Carbon Disclosure Project, members of the S&P 500 are making great progress in both their acknowledgment of climate change, and in their actions to reduce their own carbon footprints.

The study measured several different markers for corporations, including their willingness to fully disclose their less-than-friendly environmental practices. Overall, the study shows remarkable progress from previous years’ studies.

Here is what they found:

Opportunistic Bedfellows Give Positive Climate Forecast

Here's an interesting Montreal Gazette piece that links British Prime Minister Tony Blair, California Governor Arnold Schewarzenegger and the top 300 Canadian companies by market capitalization in a common concern about climate change.

This is reassuring for those of us exhausted by the narrow, but powerful group in the climate science denial lobby.

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