Journalism Wars: Ignorance is Bliss for Climate Deniers

DeSmog team has gone off to rub shoulders with (mostly) American reporters and editors, and the experience has offered an interesting view of the state of the climate conversation in the media.

In September, we attended the National Conference of Editorial Writers Annual convention in Pittsburgh, and we were greeted with a mix of tolerance and suspicion. It’s clear the editorial writers don’t want to be “spun” on this issue – and many were just as worried about us in that regard as they were about the Competitive Enterprise Institute or the Heartland Institute reps also in attendance.

The DeSmog "Floggers" invade Pittsburgh

The almost famous primanti sanwichThe DeSmog”Flog” team is off to the home of the Steelers, the Primanti Brother's Sandwich and host of the National Conference of Editorial Writer's this weekend. Look for posts on the conference, as well as comments from conventioneers visiting our shiny new DeSmog”flog” team information booth.
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