It's All About Al Gore

Al Gore and climate change are about to be all over the media, as An Inconvenient Truth sets to launch in key locales on May 24.

Grist Magazine featured a great interview with the man himself today – DeSmogBlog readers might be interested in hearing what he had to say.

For me, the most interesting comment was with regards to the challenges of walking the “scare the people or give them hope” line. This is an issue that everyone concerned with climate change and how to wake up the general public needs to address.

Only 24 more sleeps till... the movie we've all been waiting for

Mark your calendars. June 9th is the opening date for the Vancouver launch of the movie we've all been anticipating: Paramount Classic's An Inconvenient Truth. The new documentary, which received rave reviews at the Sundance Festival,  focuses on Vice President Al Gore's international crusade to raise awareness about global warming.

These days, celebrities are all about lending their names to pet causes. But what makes this more exciting than Her Royal Buxomness Pamela Anderson's affiliation with PETA or Sir Paul McCartney's seal hunt protests is that this cause, in my opinion, is the cause to lend your name to. Climate change, however unsexy it may be, is (in the DeSmogBlog's collective opinion) the most pressing issue of our time.
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