Take Heart, Ye Cynics

“I think if you‘re driving an automobile on the freeway, and you realize you‘re going to have a collision or hit something, to not put on the brakes would seem to be madness,‘‘ Richard Leakey said Tuesday, hours before his first-ever Canadian speaking engagement in Edmonton.

It's reassuring to see smart people making tart observations about climate change. It's even nicer to see those comments reported in OilWeek.


Reading the article, it’s clear that Leakey is not sure humans are responsible for global warming. He says “This climate change that has beset us _ whether we caused it or not _ is irrelevant. It‘s going to have a hell of an impact,”

Then he goes on to say “but we could lessen the impact, and we could adapt better to the consequences of climate change”

This puts him is the skeptics camp. He doesn’t mention C02 or C02 reduction once, and his message is, like other skeptics, one of adapting to climate change.

I don’t think he’s a skeptic. He says “…It‘s up to lobbyists, activists and environmentalists to push industry to look at alternatives, “to find other ways to light our lightbulbs and provide us with what we need.

“I think it‘s a close call; it‘s exactly what to do when and where and how,‘‘ he said.

“But to do nothing is morally irresponsible.‘‘…” and he talks about lessening the impact. He is recognising that we can’t stop global warming completely, but we can stop making it worse. I think he may be too optimistic about a technological fix, but he is not advocating that we give up and refuse to do anything.