Take the swiftboating as a compliment

Fri, 2007-03-23 13:37Kevin Grandia
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Take the swiftboating as a compliment

You know you're making a difference when your detractors begin to conspire against you.

Here's MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Al Gore and the misinformation smear campaign by the right-wing think tanks. Wait and see the smear go to a whole new level when Gore wins a Nobel Prize.


Global Warming hysteria has just jumped the shark. The blowback is gonna be sweet.
There’s no Nobel prize for hypocricy nor is there one for bombastic evangelism. ‘Fraid that Gore, Suzuki and other Jimmy Swaggert clones will have to get their rewards elsewhere. Oops, I forgot, Gore will get his soon, in hard, cold cash from his newly developed carbon indulgences racket.
Thanks for the great information. Not. It must be sweet for dssmogblog to see Inhofe, the best they could muster, in his new role: Sweet
Do they award Nobel prizes for hype and hysteria? If they do, the Goracle is a shoo-in.
No, Ball and Singer are splitting the prize.

Life in a prison is probably not the safest environment for a person.  But for prisoners in Pennsylvania, life just got a lot more dangerous.

According to a new report, inmates at State Correctional Institution Fayette in LaBelle, Pennsylvania have been experiencing a significant increase in cancer rates.  The report, which was put together by the Abolitionist Law Center and the Human Rights Coalition,...

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