The Observer Confirms Source of U.K. Suit Funding

Dimmock, Durward, et al, are disrobed.

For a background on the issue, check our earlier posts here and here.

The “Scientific Alliance,” is an organization formed by a UK businessman who was fed up with “all this environmental stuff.

The Alliance describes itself as “a forum for addressing environmental problems based on sound science.” Other members include Sallie Baliunas and Benny Pesier. According to a July ‘01 article, the Scientific Alliance was set up by Robert Durward and a public relations firm called “Foresight Communications.”

Originally, Durward, owner of a rock quarry in the UK, formed the Alliance out of frustration over an aggregate tax being proposed for the quarry industry. On top of fighting the tax, the Alliance also provided “expert” scientific advice on subjects like transport, climate change and biodiversity. Durward described himself, “as a businessman who is totally fed up with all this environmental stuff… much of it unjustified, such as the climate change levy.”

At the time of the Alliance’s formation, Durward refused to disclose who the financial backers of the project were.



I like how you hang in there until you get some answers. I’ve been curious about this all week.

Sad, that its come to this, where we have to question and investigate the intentions of “concerned citizens.” Funny though that it’s the same people who implement this astroturf techniques are the same people who have created so much cynicism.

Please tell us why it matters who helped pay Dimmock’s legal bills. If they didn’t pay off the judge, who cares?

Man, you Demsoggers really have your shorts in a knot trying to put a positive spin on this thing. (Littlemore, true to form, hints at dark motives and denieralist conspiracies). Some of your faithful are even pointing to faint praise for AIT in the judgement as proof the judge really wasn’t that disparaging about the Goracle’s movie despite him pointedly citing 9 errors or distortions in it. Any student who produced a paper with that many errors or distortions tied to facts central to the theme would certainly fail.

Desmoggers cannot escape the fact, however, that the judge ruled that AIT is propaganda. Why else would he slap caveats on it being shown in schools?

“…the judgment endorses the film for its general accuracy, exonerates school officials for their decision to show it in U.K. classrooms and approves of its continued distribution with a slightly amended “Guidance Note.”

Justice Michael Burton acknowledges in the early stages of his decision that Al Gore is “a talented politician and communicator,” who uses science ” to make a political statement and to support a political programme.” But of the film, Justice Burton says, “It is substantially founded upon scientific research and fact.”

If it doesn’t matter who paid for the suit, why didn’t Durward just step up and launch it himself? Why the ruse about this all being the work of a bus driving dad trying to protect his little’uns?

Perhaps Durward knows he’s not all that credible on this file, even if you, John Dowell find that fact bewildering. 

None of that invalidates the court’s findings.

But since you are so obsessed with the irrelevant, why not tell us about who’s behind this frivolous lawsuit against Canadian taxpayers?:

Man are you thick. Friends of the Earth is not an astroturf group and they did not try to hide behind anybody in bringing their suit. Dimmock would have rather hidden the sponsors of his lawsuit. AGW deniers always say that politics has invaded the process and say that they want transparency. When desmogblog points out how AGW deniers opaquely invade the public discourse in an agenda-driven manner you cry foul. Go suck a lemon.