Tim Ball Does Science: Believe It When You See It

Natural Resource Stewardship Project executive director Tom Harris says that the indefatigable Dr. Tim Ball is not retired - that “his writing, speaking and media schedule would exhaust most rock stars.” Well, as a reference to Canada's foremost climate change denier, that seems like an uncharacteristically factual statement. Certainly, Dr. Ball spends more time acting like a rock star than, say, a working climate scientist.

But here's the tempting part. Harris says that Ball, a geographer who left his university job a dozen years ago, apparently to pursue his current full-time public relations gig, “continues to publish - his latest paper will appear shortly in the scientific journal Ecological Complexity.”

We're looking forward to that almost as much as we are to the coming resolution of the lawsuit that Ball launched against University of Lethbridge Professor Dan Johnson. Johnson had the temerity to point out, accurately, that Dr. Ball's credentials had been misrepresented in a Calgary Herald article (no criticism of the Herald implied; Ball has spread the incorrect information far and wide). There will be more to come …


It is quite true, as you point out many places in this site, that scientist funded by the oil industry who questions global warming has to be questioned on their objectivity. I just hope you all use the same level of scepticism when social scientist professors who are entirely funded by the state come out in favour of more government. Seems to me there is the same conflict of interest involved.

last time I checked, bigger governments (at least in Canada) are not to blame for the destruction of our planet.