Tim Ball's Last Gasps? Hope So


“I was long troubled by what was happening in the climate community as people with expertise in modeling, but little knowledge or understanding of climate became dominant.”

It's hard to read Tim Ball's Christmas greeting on clmate change denial central (www.climateaudit.org) without rising in defence of the people who Ball so idly slanders in quotes like the one above. While he has spent an unexceptional career publishing almost nothing and lying about his credentials , Dr. Ball still strikes the know-it-all pose and dismisses the knowledge, the expertise and the hard work of people like Andrew Weaver, who has published more in the average year than Ball has published in his entire career. While the modellers who Ball condemns have done the work and submitted their efforts to peer review. Ball continues to misrepresent the findings of people like Edward Wegman, who testified before the U.S. Senate that he accepts the general scientific agreement that humans are causing climate change and that it is a pressing crisis.

Going on to read the next post, John A suggests that 2006 has brought a serious change in the public debate about climate science and that 2007 will be better. Let's hope so.


Below, the FOS-NRSP confirm once again that they don’t know the difference between weather and climate. This would be more interesting if Tom Harris and Tim Ball were not so ignorant of basic climatology.

Climate change debate muddied
Tom Harris and Tim Ball
“…No sensible person would bet on a seven-day weather forecast so why should Canada wager billions on what the models predict for a century from now?”


I do not quite understand all the fuss about Ball. He has long seemed to me just a court jester for the small section of the public that feels comfortable being ignorant, and backward. It consists mostly of very rich people who can go along in this posture for years without contradiction because they are surrounded by servants and hired hands of various sorts (accountants, lawyers) who know better but find it cost effective not to relieve their clients of their ignorant posturing.

There are some dumb bunnies who are impressed by Ball’s ignorant blustering,newspaper editors and similar rabble,but then there always are. They are among the bad people, the really bad people who prop up Ball like a signboard and put him in front of audiences. There are a number of academics in Alberta who should be brought forward and put in the stocks in a public place for suitable exposure. They are the rotten bastards who know exactly what they are doing and do if for personal gain. Later, much later, for a dam fool like Ball.