Tokyo having its first winter without snow in 131 years

An official at the Japan Meteorological Agency said El Nino could be a factor. Another theory cited was that seasonal southward movement of cold air from the Arctic was weak and unsustained.

“It's a bit of stretch to link this directly to global warming ,” he said. “But the winter was very warm, for sure.”


I couldn’t read the article, either. This sure is a weird El Nino over here (Vancouver). I expected warm water to push up along our coast and give us wet and warm conditions all winter. We’ve had precipitation but I don’t know where the warmth is.

I read somewhere that there were dinosaurs or something 131 years ago, weren’t there?

Wait until April – you can have an even more “shocking” headline:

Tokyo Experiencing Hottest Tuesday Since Previous Week!!!!!!

Then people will be able to sell papers with headlines like:
Earth climate significantly warmer than during previous decade!
Changing climate costlier than instituting emissions reductions 10 years ago.

Well, if there’s any truth to what you are claiming, we might just as well wait ten years, and then ten years after that, to spend the money. The net effect on the climate will be the same then as it is now – nothing.

Ever hear of or read the Stern Report on Climate Change? I suggest you do immediately.