Top academics call BC NDP the new climate change 'mythmakers'

A high profile group of academics, including Dr. John Robinson, UBC’s top sustainability expert and a lead author on three reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), co-wrote a column in the Vancouver Sun today accusing the BC NDP of “intellectual dishonesty.” The group goes on to compare the BC NDP and their leader Carole James to “ ‘Climate “skeptics’ — people who doubt, despite the mounds of evidence, that climate change is a problem worth addressing…”

Robinson and company write:

“Climate ‘skeptics’ — people who doubt, despite the mounds of evidence, that climate change is a problem worth addressing — are less prevalent today, but they been replaced by purveyors of a new myth: people who tell voters that we can solve the climate change problem without the need for any change in how we live our lives.

In B.C., Carole James and the NDP are these new mythmakers. The BC NDP promise to “axe the tax,” should they win the provincial election, while accomplishing all the same goals with no cost to BC taxpayers, is nothing short of intellectual dishonesty.” (my emphasis)

Read the whole op-ed here: Debunking myths about the B.C. carbon tax


Here we go again -_- I thought investigations occur before bills/laws like these are passed

Thanks for providing the link to Robinson’s online CV. A quick scan showed the following:

“I am a member of the BC Climate Action Team, the BC Hydro External Advisory Committee on Electricity Conservation and Efficiency,”

Both of these positions are patronage appointments bestowed by the Gordon Campbell Liberal government. The BC Climate Action Team actually helped author Campbell’s carbon tax initiative.

And where is evidence of Robinson’s impact on “Electricity Conservation and Efficiency” in BC Hydro these days? The utility has all but abandoned their PowerSmart initiatives, in favour of a massive effort to subsidize corporate run-of-river projects on BC’s waterways - which will do untold damage to pristine wildlife habitat, and generate surplus power into the grid at a time of year when BC Hydro doesn’t need it, at guaranteed inflated prices. And taxpayers will continue to subsidize this boondoggle.

When will DeSmog feature an accredite expert that ISN’T on the BC Liberal payroll, or who isn’t benefiting from their patronage?

I wonder what type of disaster it’ll take for people to realize that climate change is happening, before and after photos of the ice caps melting unusually warm and cold seasons, waters warming. I think more schools should be teaching kids about how to save the environment from recycling to not polluting. The people denying it probably dropped out of college and got fake diploma and now have one more thing to complain about.