Top environmental groups denounce BC's New Democratic Party

On the eve of an election campaign in British Columbia, three of Canada’s leading enviromental organizations held a press conference on Tuesday condemning a New Democratic Party promise to let B.C. polluters off the hook, despite the damage that might do to the environment or the economy.

The David Suzuki Foundation, the Pembina Institute and Forest Ethics jointly stated that “thousands of jobs in the green economy will be lost, and the province will lose its position as an environmental leader if the (first North American carbon) tax is dropped.”

“The NDP has chosen what they think will be a publicly acceptable but climate-irresponsible approach. And that is, they want to step backward the pricing of carbon and backwards on the policies that are in place in the hopes that that may get them elected,” Merran Smith, a climate director with ForestEthics, said Monday.

The carbon tax, passed by the reigning Liberal government last spring and implemented (awkwardly) just as oil prices peaked last July, has been hailed in environmental and economics circles as the fairest, most comprehensive and most transparent tax on fossil fuel pollution. The NDP alternative, on the other hand, was roundly criticized, most recently by the renowned BC economist, Dr. Marc Jaccard, who estimated that the NDP’s own plan for climate change could cost the province as many as 60,000 jobs by 2020.

As the Globe and Mail reported,

“The environmental alliance, which also includes the David Suzuki Foundation and ForestEthics, stopped short of telling voters to re-elect the Liberals to a third term. ‘“We didn’t say the Liberals are the greatest thing since sliced bread,’ said Merran Smith of ForestEthics.”

But the environmental movement appears unanimous that it would like the NDP to rethink what appears to be a completely cynical (and economically suspect) attack on the most progressive climate change policy on the continent. Such a change of heart appears highly unlikely, and the Liberals have risen to the challenge by trying (for example, with the dedication Tuesday of two new protected wildlife areas) to bolster their environmental credentials in other areas, as well.

Full Globe and Mail article: Environmentalists vow to punish NDP for plan to dismantle B.C.’s carbon tax



The NDP must now be bleeding support from its more green-minded members. Their embarrasing environmental policies are about as sustainable as their climate projections. Carol James better have a nice comfortable opposition seat, because she’s going to be sitting in it for a while.

Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 08:53:27 -0700

Hi Folks.

Carefull who you vote for in this election.
Our present goverment is giving forestry a free hand in destroying our enironment as they seem to be excempt for the rules the rest of us have to follow.
The little story below is true and the forestry is not beening held accountable , even though another ministry wanted to charge them but apparently is not going to. The sad part is they will becoming back to do more damge. They have allready done damge to the fish habita.





For Immediate Release

March 22, 2011
Ministry of Environment

Lake promotes conservation on World Water Day

VICTORIA – In recognition of World Water Day, Environment Minister Terry Lake is urging British Columbians to conserve and protect one of our most precious natural assets.

“World Water Day reminds us how valuable our water resources are and there’s no question our water is facing increasing demands,” Lake said. “What government does is only part of the solution, so I challenge all British Columbians to think about how they can protect, preserve and conserve our water


I have been home now for a few weeks and have learned a few things about what went on on North Lake Rd with the forestry and the contractor.

1- The contractor cut trees down beside the lake which I was informed is against the law . Before the work started I meet with a forestry rep & contractor on the rd in front of where the work was to be done and they pointed out a few few trees that would have to take down, 2 days later the few trees turned out to be a clear cut 300 ft or 100 meters of trees a along the lake shore in one day with no thought of saving one. A few months later I was able to get a copy of the plans for the 300ft X 12 ft wall which was going along the lake shore. All the trees would have to be removed for this to happen as they did, he also mentioned that there would be very little environmental impact; The Forestry Engineer does not seem to know much about Environmental damage, strange for one in charge at the sight.

2 –The contractor fell all trees in the lake which I was informed is against the law, when I asked fisheries permission to take a snag down a few years ago they made it sound like I would be spending time in jail and a big fine.

3 – The contractor had an oil spill in the Lake, no penalty or legal action was taken against them, so you can now go dump your oil in our lakes, very nice idea will solve the used oil problem.

I have talked with Fisheries and they are not going to charge them, no real explanation, except that Foestry is going to replant, so I guess this means that if I clear cut the shore and replant it is ok or maybe different rules for me?

Maybe you can explain to me why they are getting off Scott free , which gives them permission to go off and do it all again as rules and laws do not seem to apply to the to them . I was not aware that government employees are immune to the laws in Canada. Does this mean because they are government they can go out and commit any crime and not be accountable for there actions?

The work that was done on North Lake Rd is a big mess and eye sore now & and was done with no care, the property values will now drop & I just found out my easement has gone up 3 times , hardly seems fair.

I pay my taxes which helps pay the government employees wages and for that they are able to break the law and get away with it , lie to people about what they are going to do, this does not make much sense to me , maybe you can explain this as well.

I was under some elusion that the government was suppose to be protecting or environment , but here we have a case of a pristine lake where the government is doing its dampest to ruin it with breaking the laws , sloppy work , pollution, and not telling the truth, not sure I fully understand how this is suppose to relate to protecting the environment.

I believe that the contractor and Powell River Forestry should be made ACCOUNTABLE FOR THERE ACTIONS to stop them in the future from breaking more laws, and doing environmental damage.

I believe there is enough pollution going on to our lakes with out the help of goverment.


Enforcement of Canada’s Federal Environmental and Wildlife Laws
Strong and effective enforcement of Canada’s environmental and wildlife protection laws is a cornerstone of the Government of Canada’s commitment to clean air, clean water and the conservation of wildlife species and their habitat.


Rob Murray