TorSun Finally Discovers Crichton; and Both Are Still Wrong

A despairing reader of the Toronto Sun (is there any other kind?) brought our attention to a column by John Downing, who has stumbled upon Michael Crichton's pseudo-scientific novel State of Fear.

If you're looking for a serious scientific review of Crichton's fiction, follow this link and click on the attachment. For a slightly more light-hearted - but still very credible - view on Crichton's disinformation, check here and follow the link to

If you are looking for any credible scientific information on climate change that is well-researched and balanced, check the website of any major scientific academy in the world.

And if, during that search, someone holds up a copy of the Toronto Sun (or any of its centrally planned progeny), cover your eyes. As a one-time employee (the Edmonton Sun, 1981-84), I can attest to their entertainment value, I can commend their sports coverage, but I can surely warn you off if you're hoping for thoughtful or well-informed science writing.