UK pushes climate change for UN debate; US and China skeptical

Fri, 2007-03-09 10:44Bill Miller
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UK pushes climate change for UN debate; US and China skeptical

Items on the Security Council’s agenda must pose a threat to international peace and security. British officials argue global warming is a threat to security because people displaced by rising sea levels in low lying countries will seek refuge elsewhere. They also noted that the US forced the council to discuss Aids in 2000.

Last week, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called climate change as threatening to mankind as war. But the British initiative, which requires unanimous consent from council members, has met skepticism from the US and China.


In less than a decade, climate change-induced sea level rise could force thousands of people to migrate from some small island developing states (SIDS), according to the executive director of the United Nations Environment Program.

The world’s 52 small island developing states (SIDS) increasingly share sea level rise and other escalating environmental threats that are further aggravated by economic insecurities, Achim Steiner added.

What makes this situation even more grievous is that the climate...

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