University of Calgary Friends of Science Audit

Attached are the University of Calgary Press Release and the official Audit into allegations that U of C Professor Barry Cooper was using a university slush fund to direct anonymous cash to the Calgary-based climate change denier group, Friends of Science.

Analysis to follow in another post.


And the smear campaign continues……

When you have no science to back your arguement, SMEAR…..

That’s your area of expertise, troll. I hope you are not accusing the auditors of conducting a smear job, because that would be libellous, wouldn’t it.

Can you explain what you mean? This is an investigation into improper activities with respect to funding. The funding, as it turns out, had nothing to do with science. This blog posted findings of an independent group. There was no scientific argument here. What are you complaining about?

Can someone explain to me how it is legal for Calgary Foundation and Kanahoff Foundation to use their charitable dollars to directly or indirectly support or oppose a political party in contravention of the income tax law?

But your argument would be more persuasive if it were delivered entirely in capital letters.

And when caught with your hands in the cookie jar, go on the offensive.

There’s a good troll.

But then we’ve noticed that there is never any science in your posts, yet there’s rarely a shortage of smear.

I’m just sayen….

Good on you Exusian. I am impressed that you even noticed.
I have given up posting science here.
There is really no point.
It does not matter what is posted here.
It is simply measured on the bases of agreement with AGW.
Support AGW and it is gosple truth.
Disagree and it is simply smeared as junk science or the product of Exxon funding or what ever lame smear comes to mind.
My favourite is “That was debunked by RD years ago….” As if RC is a credible source.

So any way, it is simpler to just stir up some dust hopong people will be intregued enough to do some research of their own and stop listening to Pseudo experts.

Good catch though.

I didn’t know that you ever posted science-relevant stuff. Despite your adversarial stance I have spent a lot of effort trying to understand your position and the claims you do make. Finally the truth comes out that your goal is just to stir shit up. I guess that proves everyone right who just ignores or ridicules your comments by way of habit. Now I’m starting to think you’re hardly any more worthwhile than Rob.

Actually, I am very carful to only post comments that I could back up if I chose to.
My comment above simply says that I don’t find it very useful to do so.
When the AGW believers simply dismiss anything that does not help the hype, the only thing one can hope for is that some people will look beyond and discover the truth for them selves.
To believe anything posted here from anyone at face value is silly.

Intellegent people will go find the answers themselves.

Question: “Here is your chance to educate someone: Can you provide a link to something that convincingly documents times getting tough in Europe and demonstrating convincingly that the toughness was caused by their carbon trading?”
Troll answer: “I had to do a search since I don’t keep a database of articles I have read.”

Question: “I don’t trust an ideologically-based American think tank to comment objectively on European economics. Do you?”
Troll answer: “Yes”

Are you a fibber? Why would you choose not to post a link to science debunking the consensus if you could? Jeepers, you haven’t even backed up your claim at the beginning of this thread that FOS and Barry Cooper are being smeared. Intelligent people can tell when someone is too chicken to have a sincere conversation about the basis for a disagreement.

So the Frauds of Science are caught out! Again! How surprising! Well not really!

Perhaps they should change the name to one of the following:
Friends of Industry!
Fraudulent Science

Either would be more informative.

He obviously knows nothing about the subject at hand but is more than willing to join in the smearing.
Religeous ferver is like that…..

Jimmy Jim etc are all shortened forms of James, though heck the guy might not like being called by a shortened name and you are right.

If you wish to be formal, call him Dr. James Hansen, as he is a well-respected scientist. However, he is also sometimes called Jim Hansen, for instance in Mark Bowen’s book Censoring Science.

Only by Soros and other greenie idiots.
He has a few fans at RC, but then those are his buds.
People that respect truth, do not respect scammers like Hansen.
His data is simply not respectable any more.

Call him an “ex-scientist”. He used to be both interesting and respectable but, he has morphed into “Screamin’ Jimmy” - a mere propagandist and a prop for the good folks at RealClimate.

Now you have gone and hurt my feelings.
I will just have to go take a long carbon emmitting drive to feel better.
Perhaps in a Hummer.

James, Jim etc ..I know it can be confusing since both are involved in the entertainment business.
One dead and use to play with Puppets the other one the Puppet master. :-)

Surely you know that it was Jim Henson, and he played with Muppets. But he’d tell you, too, that it’s not easy being green …

Fern Mackenzie

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