US Secretary Chu Embarrassed to be Seen with a Canadian?

Update: Some several hours after the Star filed the story referenced below, Environment Minister Prentice’s office sent a copy of the photo to the left. Note there is absolutely no evidence that Secretary Chu is there under duress. (But the photo is not of sufficient quality to tell whether they have been photo shopped into the same room.) (Kidding. We’re kidding.)

U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu stiffed Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice today, refusing to help him “change the story” from the embarrassing spoof press release alleging that Canada was going to take a responsible position on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Toronto Star reports here that Prentice’s staff was desperate to get a photo op with the Energy Secretary, but that Nobel Laureate Chu has higher standards.

Serves Prentice right on a couple of counts, one of which is that he used this alleged media availability” as an excuse to cut short an earlier news conference. He said he would be “available” again later, but didn’t mention that he would only be available to shutter bugs, not to anyone who actually wanted to ask him a question.


I highly doubt that any member of Obama’s Cabinet would be unwilling to meet with any member of Harpers team. Obama has a lower approval rating and is dropping fast, meanwhile team Harper keeps teamrolling up the approval ladder. Look for Obama to try and start sucking off of Harpers popularity and statesmen like performances. Long after Obama is forgotten Harper will be remembered as the best PM Canada has ever had.

Yet, their popularity grows. So I guess not all Canadians. Soon as the rest of the country sees how much Copenhagen will cost their bank accounts, they will be rejecting any actions and Harper will be seen as the hero who saved Canadian jobs.

If the issue was so important to save the planet, why didn’t the Liberals do something to reduce CO2 in their 13 years after signing Kyoto? Because of the costs and it’s physically impossible to achieve.

what with 75% already disapproving of their handling of the detainee abuse coverup – and that was *before* MacKay was thrown under the bus by the Chief of Denfence Staff, and *before* Harper’s open defiance of the express will of Parliament, and now the Canadian delegation being made to look like the lying foot draggers that they are on the world stage.

Can you say non-confidence vote and early election?

(Not that the Libs will be any better, mind you.)

I wonder what JR and Cam will be smoking then?

Interesting since Nanos polling found a very small number of Canadians care (so said Nick himself on sundays CTV Question Period, or was that Power Play, one of the two). It will be long forgetten once an election comes, and that wont be until next fall.

For the record, the Conservatives botched the whole affair. They should have been honest from the start. But it won’t likely hurt them in the polls in the long run. What’s the alternative? None one.

Did you actually read the link in the article to see who did the polling that resulted in the 75% figure? It was James Hoggan and Associates, the purveyors of Desmog blog. No offense but they will admit themselves which side they are cheering for. You can bet the question was rigged to ensure the result.

I have seen polling that says that Canadians are extremely pleased with Canada’s foreigh policy since harper took the helm. I prefer to go with mainstream polls rather than those conducted by desmog.

Nonsense. Canadians are becoming more disgusted with the Harper government’s foreign policy, including the coverup of detainee torture in Afghanistan, and the appalling lack of leadership on meeting the challenge of climate change.

Thanks Cam. I had a rough day and needed a good laugh.

Harper is no fool, he knows a creepy shakedown when he sees one. Canadians do not want to pay for Africans burning of dung. Nor for their deforestation of the Africa.

There is a pollution problem on the planet, but we don’t need a world government to deal with it. It can be done by individual countries if they want to. If they don’t want to, then it’s their business. That is why we have sovereign countries and we aren’t quite ready to hand them over to the communist world without a big honkin’ fight.

I find it interesting that the left with it’s pathological fear of firearms is much more violent than the right. Good thing though eh? the right is heavily armed.

Look at Chu trying to leech off of prentices popularity. I suppose that when your lumped with Obama and his rapidly dropping poll numbers any photo op with a real minister is a treat. I suppose this whole article now has been debunked, but you have to give desmog credit for amending the picture to fit actual events. Global warming science may be corrupt but Grandia and littlemore are definetly good eggs.

Are you serious? Chu trying to leech Prentice’s popularity? Canadians are an international embarrassment at these talks. Worse than the Saudis.

That was partly in gest, but really no one in Canada has any idea who choo is. He is obviously an invisible member of the Obama administration which is losing ground fast in opinion polls. In the latest polls I have seen the Harper administration has a 52% approval rating compared to 47% for Obama. Considering harper exists in a 5 party system and Obama is in a two party system you do the math.

All Canadians would like to think that we are well respected abroad and are keen to receive accolades, like when our finance minister received an award for being the best in the g20. Although nobody really cares too much about climate change, its dead last as far as priorities and Canadians don’t want to sacrifice economic growth in copenhagen. All the polling I have seen shows this to be the case. Global warming is receving a chilly reception from the public in Canada and climategate was just the icing on the cake.

Chu is a true believer so good for him.

In another year he may not want to be seen with Obama either.
Chu may be a true believer in the cause but Obama is a compromising political beast.

CBC reporter Kady O’Malley is following the story and keeps updating and adding links:

It’s all a vast conspiracy, right? That’s what the deniers have been claiming. A vast international conspiracy involving thousands of scientists, thousands of government leaders, thousands of business people and corporations, etc, etc.

Not to mention dozens of retreating glaciers, two ice caps, the Northwest Passage!

That’s got to be the Mother of All Conspiracies! Tell us more about it, please.

Or maybe the simple explanation is that these scientists are tired of your pinata. So they are letting the public agencies provide the data.

When a denier says this:
“Splain this!”


“Prove it”

Beware of a fool’s errand. They accept no facts or logic that are at odds with the denier’s opinion.

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