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Ashley Braun is a Seattle-based writer specializing in environmental and climate news, food politics, and conservation science. She previously worked as a writer, news producer, and social media coordinator at, where she also learned to emit puns at higher levels than most developed nations.

She received a travel fellowship for young professionals from the Rotary Foundation in 2010, which allowed her to spend a month touring Bolivia – from the 13,000 foot mountain view down to the Amazon Basin.

In 2007, Ashley graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Notre Dame, where she also studied Spanish language and literature. Not content to learn the finer linguistic points of Castilian Spanish in the American Midwest, she spent four months in 2006 with an international study program in Toledo, Spain. Not content to learn the finer points of science in a classroom, she spent the summers of 2005 and 2006 performing independent research in field environmental biology at Notre Dame's research stations in Wisconsin and Montana.

Browse her writing and social media experience at and follow her tweets at @ashleybraun.