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Arctic Passage - Step Right Up, Sail on Through

Major news today coming from the Arctic passage.

This summer’s record breaking ice melt has unlocked the northwest passage more completely than ever before.

Senior Scientist Mark Serezze at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center calls the situation unprecedented. And although the shipping route has periodically opened up since 1988, the passage is almost completely clear – the first time such an expanse has been seen since route monitoring began in 1972.

Big Oil's in the House! (and the Senate)

The Center for American Progress has released a report cross-referencing oil and gas political donations with voting activity on a recent clean energy bill passed in the House of Representatives.

And surprise of all surprises they found that the more money a member of Congress received from the oil industry the more likely they were to vote against the bill which eliminates $16 billion worth of tax loopholes to oil companies. The $16 billion is earmarked for investment in the development on clean energy technologies like wind and solar power.

Colbert on Global Warming, Bush, Harper and the Smokin' Pole

Global warming and Hurricance Dean: what we can and can't say

Well-known author and blogger Chris Mooney has written a great post on what we can say about Hurricane Dean as it relates to global warming.

This post will be especially helpful for media when the inevitable discussion of hurricanes and global warming pops up in the wake of Hurricane Dean.

So what can we say? As Chris explains, “It's complicated.”

Minor Victory or Convenient Spin?

It's not surprising that a quickly acknowledged and corrected discrepancy in temperature recording by NASA was pounced on by the denier camp to further the proof that global warming is a hoax! Unsurprisingly, the reports have been biased and have omitted certain key facts, not the least of which is that the GLOBAL temperature record (it is after all, global warming) remains largely unaffected by the corrected data.

New Republic has published an excellent review of the facts using - wait for it - scientific data!

Bush's Climate Change Strategy - Catch me on the Way Out

The US is set to engage in international climate change talks in Sept. with some of the world's highest emitters of greenhouse gasses. What could be seen as a step forward for the US is being marred by the Bush administration's abysmal climate change action track record.

Bush is in favour of voluntary (versus mandatory) caps on emissions which has been one of the main reasons for distancing the US from the Kyoto Accord and while he has agreed to develop a US global warming strategy, it conveniently falls less than one month before he leaves office.  

As well as refusing to sign the international treaty he has repeatedly blamed India and China, two of the highest emitters in the world, for his country's own stalled efforts. Nothing says self proclaimed world leader better than passing the buck does Georgie.


New UN Website on Climate Change

The United Nations has just launched a new comprehensive website to inform on its dealings with climate change. You can learn about the IPCC, UN global warming initiatives, latest news and much more.

I think it's worth noting as well, that the UN now calls the link between climate change and human activity, 'unequivocal'. Check out the site here.

US Media to Blame for Global Warming Inaction?

A new study published by a media watchdog group analyzes how the American News Media has downplayed global warming science, it's consequences and that humans are responsible for the increase in greenhouse gasses.

The report compared US and UK headlines in the same time frame and found that while the UK presented climate change as a catastrophe that deserved urgent action, the US portrayed climate change as an ongoing debate with science that lacks certainty.

Stronger Evidence Supports Human-Caused Global Warming

Though some criticism surrounds the accuracy of climate models, physicist Pablo F. Verdes of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences has found a way to overcome the subjective flaws that they are sometimes said to contain.

By applying statistical analysis techniques to data gathered from the past 150 years, he has been able to create a more objective snapshot of global climate during that time period.

Let There Be Light - Solar That Is

Gudda, a small village in India received its first encounter with light after sunset with the arrival of solar panels.

Solar powered batteries have enabled them to study later for school, do more business and play music.