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Dr. Mashey is an easy-to-Google semi-retired Bell Labs (1973-1983) / Silicon Valley (1983-)  computer scientist/executive.    He has worked with a wide variety of scientists, many of whom have used software or hardware he helped create.  For the last few years he has been studying climate science & anti-science and energy issues, and for several years has written occasional investigative reports mostly here at DeSmogBlog, and a few articles for Skeptical Inquirer.

In Spring 2011, he lectured several times in British Columbia on climate anti-science. He has also lectured several times at UCSF in 2013 on Cigarettes, Climate and Confusion Creators and is member of the Advisory Committee for UCSF’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education and an Advisor to the Board of the Carbon Zero Institute.  He is a member of AAAS, AGU, APS, ACM, IEEE CS.