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Sandy Garossino is a Vancouver community advocate, business owner and former crown prosecutor. She serves on the Vancouver Board of Trade Women’s Leadership Advisory Council and is a frequent panelist on the Bill Good Show on CKNW and Unfiltered with Jill Krop on Global1 TV.

Six Shocking Truths You Should Know About This American Foundation

Moore Foundation

In recent years, Canadians have heard a lot about those extremist American conservation foundations. They’ve been called radicals, money-launderers and even compared to Al Qaeda in Canada’s Senate.

More recently, an oil-related group, British Columbians for Prosperity (which bears remarkable similarity to the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity), alleges that these foundations are carrying out a really complicated American conspiracy to, er, hurt Canada by, um, not letting any of its oil go to foreign markets.

So I looked into some of these allegations and discovered some shocking truths about the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that Canadians really need to know.