Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera


Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera


  • Ph.D. National Aerospace University of Ukraine, July 2001
  • M.C. (Physics) Kharkov State University, January 1996
  • B.Sc. (Physics) Kharkov State University, January 1995

Source: [1]


Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera is a researcher at the Institute of Geophysics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.  His research areas include remote sensing systems, signal and image processing, planetary remote sensing, and prevention of natural disasters.

Herrera's name appears as part of a list (PDF) of “650 international scientists who dissent over global warming.” The list appears to have been assembled by Marc Morano[2]

Stance on Climate Change

“The models and forecasts of the UN IPCC “are incorrect because they only are based on mathematical models and presented results at scenarios that do not include, for example, solar activity.” [3]

Herrera has said that the Earth is in a state of transition as solar activity is diminishing. He predicts that in two years or so, the earth will see a small ice age that will last form 60 to 80 years. [4]

Key Quotes

“In this century glaciers are growing.” [4]

This statement goes against the research of distinguished paleoclimatologist Lonnie Thompson, which finds that glaciers are retreating at an unprecedented rate.

Key Deeds

May 16 - 18, 2010

Herrera attended the Heartland Institute's Fourth International Conference on Climate Change. [5]



According to Google Scholar, Herrera has not published any work in peer-reviewed journals in the area of climate change.


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