Want to Save The World? One Place to Start Is At Home!

For someone wanting to make a hands-on contribution to the climate struggle in her or his daily life, Climate Solutions suggests 13 (actually 15) small lifestyle changes that could save up to 15,000 pounds of carbon a year.  Go to their site and click on the  ”Practical Solutions” icon on the left.


The site is interesting and the solutions are pertinent. Still, if this would be enough to fix the situation! Instead, eliminating main causes would improve the situation. Main factors that influence the climate are related to the ocean. I would say the most poluting of those factors are naval wars. If we could do something in that direction, then we would be lucky. If you want a detailed report of the way naval wars influenced the climate in the past 150 years, you can visit www.1ocean-1climate.com and also www.bernaerts-sealaw.com, which is the Bernaerts’ Guide to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the sea.