What's With Best Western?

Does anyone out there have any intelligence on the political activities of the owners or manager's of the hotel chain, Best Western. I keep noticing their blue and yellow logo in advertisements on sites that feature climate change denial pieces (Canada Free Press, National Ledger) and I couldn't help wondering it if is coincidental (they are just indiscriminate advertisers) or intentional (someone in the organization is going out of their way to support contrarian websites). Anybody?


Sew stern bet - the goal of any apologist - reject science and make it a gamble

I think its just business. They get cheap advertising on sites visited aften by oil guys, and we all know how much oil companies spend on travel. However, I don’t think its too clever because the last thing I’d want my company to be affiliated with is the anti-climate change community. Since all Best Westerns are independantly owned and operated, I wonder how some of those owners feel about this.