Who is Roy Cordato?

The other day we posted on a right-wing think tank called the John Locke Foundation (JLF) that was duped into praising a fake global warming study.

After posting the story we received a pretty quick response from the dupe himself, Roy Cordato, who's listed on the JLF website as a “vice-president for research and resident scholar.” Turns out that Mr. Cordato fashions himself as somewhat of a “scholar” on the issue of climate change.

Check out this video of Cordato promoting the global cooling in the 1970's climate denier speaking point (I might have made a few slight edits):

It's not surprising that Cordato was easily suckered into touting a ridiculously over-the-top fake global warming research study, given the fact that his background is in music and economics and not climate change science.

To be fair, the much-hyped “truth detector” Rush Limbaugh was duped as well, so I guess Mr. Cordato finds himself in like-minded company.

More importantly though, Cordato and the John Locke Foundation have recently been collaborating with the typical players in the climate denial industry to spread misinformation about climate change in and around the State of North Carolina.

The JLF recently published a “North Carolina's citizen's guide to global warming” (pdf). The guide contains the usual global warming myths that are perpetuated ad nauseam by the global warming denial echo machine - water vapor, medieval warming period etc.

The author of the report, Joel Schwartz, recently toured North Carolina beating the “North Carolina Citizen's Guide” as the gospel truth on climate science. Schwartz, is not a member of the JLF, but is instead currently employed as a “visiting fellow” at the American Enterprise Institute. If you're not familiar with the AEI's involvement in the global warming denial industry, you can check out more here, here and here.

You can also find recent Sourcewatch entries originally compiled by yours truly, here on Roy Cordato and here on the John Locke Foundation .


Is there a possibility that “scholars” such as Roy Cordato, Joel Schwartz and all the other people and groups that belong to the “climate deniers” club are leaving themselves wide open to law suits once the general public realizes the full measure of their deceit??
Just a thought…

Probably not. Have you seen or read “The Corporation”? If it’s not illegal for a news organization to lie, then I don’t see how ‘think tanks’ could be liable.

I have yet to see “The Corporation”, but after checking it out on Wicky, it’s on my ASAP list!