Who's Lobbying Who About What in Canada?

Ever wonder who the big lobbyists in Ottawa are?

Surprisingly, the Government of Canada keeps an up-to-date and well-indexed database of current and past lobbyists to the federal government.

You can check it out here, it is searchable by name, company and subject.

For example, if I type in the name Ken Boessenkool from Hill & Knowlton, whose firm recently launched this site arguing against raising oil and gas royalties in Alberta, the results of the search find that Mr. Boessenkool has lobbied on behalf of Bell Canada, Merck Frost, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association and TransAlta Corporation.

If your interested in this kind of stuff, we have indexed a lot of these types of investigative tools at the bottom of our Media Center.

H/T to Daveberta.


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