Jimmy Inhofe: Don't Let the Slamming Door Hit You on Your Way Out

Fri, 2006-11-10 12:37Richard Littlemore
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Jimmy Inhofe: Don't Let the Slamming Door Hit You on Your Way Out

Before anybody gets uppity about the DeSmogBlog being partisan, we'd like to point out that some of our favourite people are Republicans (stand up California Governator and climate policy champ Arnie Schwarzenegger).

But how sweet, how delicious, how entirely just it is that Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe is now the former chair of the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. When history judges the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, his name will certainly be invoked, even if no one is agreeing with his position on climate change.

It's also delightful, indeed, to hear the new Chair, California Senator Barbara Boxer, promise a new direction on climate change policy as one of her highest priorities.

Our only hope is that Inhofe's aid, Marc Morano, finds honest work. He's a smart guy - a clever strategist who'd clearly fallen in with a bad crowd. So, c'mon Marc: think how much more pleasant life would be if you switched to promoting policy that was truthful - and not environmentally catastrophic - as well as clever.


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