15-year old the latest wall in denier's echo-chamber

Google the name “Kristen Byrnes” and you'll see a lot of buzz over her recent musings about Al Gore and James Hansen.

Headlines like “15-year-old outsmarts NASA's global warming alarmist,” and, “Teenager takes on Global Warming Scientist” are popping up all over the smogosphere. The attention seems somewhat confounding, given that this 15 year-olds work isn't uncovering any earth-shattering news or data, or anything that hasn't been bounced around the global warming denier myth chamber a thousand times already.

Check out her website here.

And to the term “taking on.” What exactly does that mean? Is she going to fight Hansen at the bike racks after school or something?

Seems that the attention is mainly due to the fact that the writer is 15 years-old and nothing more. It's also quite apparent that the attention she's receiving from Brett Bozell's Media Research Center, Newsbusters, ExxonMobil funded, echo chamber is helping boost her credibility in the global warming denial industry.

On one hand, I do feel bad to have to write critically of an obviously inspired young person, it's great to see such enthusiasm. On the other hand, I'm very encouraged to see that the denial movement is so excited over their latest member - it shows just how desperate they are becoming for new sources of global warming denialism.

Come on. At least Tim Ball and Fred Singer are scientists!

H/T to the ever-on-the-ball, Eli Rabett.


Skepticism 101 alert!!! “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” At this point, I have seen no independent, objective evidence that: - Kristen Byrnes even exists. - that she attends Portland High School. - that she created this website as a class project. - that she did it herself. - that she wrote the polemics on the blog herself. - that the posts under Kirsten-B in www.physicsblogs.com are her. [certain comments seem rather unlikely]. - that the one picture of her in newsbusters.org is her. All of this may be true, but it may not be either. I’ve looked pretty hard, but 15-year-olds don’t necessarily have a lot of net-visible tracks, even with White Pages and Intelius. Do you have any such independent evidence?

So now it’s come to this, has it? How very proud you must be of yourself.

However, as you always exclusively use the ad hominem attack to minimalize your ideological enemies (including now even 15-year old girls), the one thing you omit, as always, is a rational counter-argument.

Even the worst hypothetical environmental apocolypse – floods, droughts, hurricanes, mass starvation, or whatever else you cook up – pales in comparison to your one man crap-storm of ham-fisted character assasination.

You really are an odious little thug, Grandia.

Someone who names itself Eco-Hitler calls anyone else odious? Then it calls for a rational counter-argument? How old are you, EH? 12?

Now you have something against 12-year olds, too?

I think that calls for more sanctimonious and patronizing commentary from Mister Bean.