Enbridge Video Stunningly Misleading

For compulsive watchers of Enbridge Inc., the spill-crazy pipeline company that wants to pipe tar sands crude to the Canadian West Coast - or just for students of the barefaced lie - this video can't be beaten.

It purports to show the pipeline route, including an open sea exodus where tankers will pass from the proposed Kitimat, British Columbia oil port.

But as this video documents, the Enbridge auteurs airbrushed out 1,000 square kilometres of islands and rocks within the exit channel.

Given the criticism, the company has added a note saying, “The animation is for illustrative purposes only. It is meant to be broadly representational, not to scale.”

Broadly representing a completely false image.


My favourite part of the fly-over is the final view of the tanker, cruising out of the channel without a care in the world, no hazards, no obstacles.  Who are they trying to fool?  Check this out: 


This is someone who knows the coast first-hand in all of its moods.  We should be paying attention to him and others like him who have been plying the BC coast for half a century, know the waters and have seen the changes accelerating.

Enbridge doesn't care about ANYTHING but the bottom line. Nor does Harper, nor the Koch brothers, nor Exxon, Flint,  Shell, and on and on.

And at the same time the oil and gas industry in Alberta has been getting a lot of blow back;



No body wants it….

Folks, you can read the CERI report on the economic benefits of the pipeline here;

Personally, it talks a lot about GDP, which means… money spent in regions.  It seemed pretty reasonable to my eyes.

However, these are piffly numbers as far as BC and Christy Clark are concerned. The BC government is actually concerned about revenue it will earn, compared to its risk.

The CERI report states that BC will see 1,249 b$ in tax revenue over 25 years. Or roughly $50 million a year. 

That’s peanuts. And BC is taking all the risks.  Christy Clark is right to be concerned.  How much would it cost to clean up an oil spill?  How much economic activity will be lost if that happens.

Readers may be interested in the following industry commissioned report on navigation of waters local to Kitimat:


Note that tidal currents in some portions of the navigation may reach as much as 6 knots. It would be very interesting to get a disinterested tug skipper to describe what would be necessary to wrangle a powerless tanker subject to such currents, particularly in the confined waters of much of the passage from the ocean to Kitimat. 

As well, suitable anchorages along the passage are scarce. 

There’s little or no tolerance here for a propulsion failure. 

Tanks have only one propulsion engine, no tanker propulsion system is 100% reliable.  Over the life of the proposed export scheme several thousand burdened tanker passages will be undertaken from Kitimat. Has anybody done formal odds on guaranteed successful outcomes of all of these trips, taking into account tides, etc.? 


I read that Lori Waters has filed a complaint with the Federal Competition Bureau, which deal with Mis-leading advertising complaints.


Has anyone complained to the Advertising Standards Council?