Key Findings From the Mashey Report on Donors Trust

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Dr. John Mashey's report is posted exclusively on DeSmogBlog today. The report, exposing the right wing's money scrubbing scheme, is extensive in detail to say the least.

In a nutshell, the 200+ page report finds that wealthy donors like the Koch brothers and Chicago industrialist Barre Seid move money through two organizations called Donor Trust and Donors Capital Fund, which in turn passes that money on to major right wing think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute and Americans for Prosperity.

This money is then used for coordinated efforts to attack science, undermine environmental protections and cast doubt about the scientific realities of climate change.

Here's a summary of findings:

- The report presents evidence that confirms the speculation that Chicago industrialist Barre Seid has pumped millions into the Heartland Institute's “global warming projects” to boost their efforts to fight climate change science [page 57].

- Money from Barre Seid was pushed through Donors Trust to fund a major expansion of the Heartland Institute to help in their public relations efforts to deny the realities of climate change.

- The majority of the Donors Capital Board is made up of right wing think tank heads that also were heavily involved in the fight to defend Big Tobacco.

- Exposes another philanthropic vehicle established by the Koch Brothers called the “Knowledge and Progress Fund” - this fund has moved over $7m through Donors Trust [page 71].

- All funds that go through Donors Trust become tax deductions for the donors, while much of that money goes to political causes and policy fights.

- Other major recipients of Donors Trust money are: Americans for Prosperity, American Enterprise Institute, Acton Institute, Cato Institute, Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy and the Media Research Center.

You can check out the entire 4MB PDF version of the Mashey report here.

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