MTV Breaks Climate Silence In Interview With Barack Obama

What does it say about the fourth estate and the presidential debate moderators that it fell to MTV to break the climate silence by finally asking one of the candidates about climate change

Oh well, at least it's broken now. H/T Forecast The Facts

To the 2012 Presidential Debate moderators, here's a little tribute to all of you for failing to ask any questions about the single largest threat to U.S. national security, public health and the economy. I'm looking at you Candy “all you climate change people” Crowley, Jim Lehrer, and Bob “200 questions” Schieffer. You all just got owned by MTV, that bastion of vital political coverage.

Take a bow, Sway Calloway!


If you climate activists want the press to pay attention to you, you have to be willing to get out there and debate your opponents. Your dismissive attitude toward any dissenting opinion is not only insulting to the public's intelligence, it's boring. I'd even go so far as to say you guys are showing contempt for freedom of expression. The net effect is that the public doesn't think you have confidence in your own arguments.

While I think Michael Mann's freshly filed lawsuits against CEI and NRO are a ridiculous attack on free speech and deserve the same fate as Jerry Falwell's case against Larry Flint, I have to give MM credit for at least engaging with his opponents in some kind of public conflict.

BTW, what happened to Chris Mooney? Did his studies of the science of ideology lead him to conclude that blogging is not a worthwhile activity or did he get booted for not towing the line on fracking?

I agree, never have I seen such a bunch of spoiled 'activists', they cry fowl whenever any storm or other natural occurence doesn't get blamed on CAGW in the mainstream media. They conveniently ignore the historical record for hurricanes, droughts and tornados which allows them to use the term 'unprecedented' whenever they need added shock value.  The public has simply had enough, they can see a scam coming a mile away. I actually feel sorry for the real climate scientists; their credibilty is nil at this point because of the overblown antics of the activists.

As for Chris Mooney, something strange must have happened to his relationship with Desmog. I asled about him months ago and got no answer.

As irritating as I find his condescending attitude towards conservatives, his posts did tend to be interesting and generate a lot of discussion. He's also been absent from the frack-freindly blog, The Intersection, although he's still doing interveiws for Point of Inquiry.

The public has simply had enough, they can see a scam coming a mile away.”

If anything, they have had enough of the deniers. Polls show more people believe AGW is real and AGW denialism is going the way of most other conspiracy theories. Accepted and hailed by fringe dwellers.

 you have to be willing to get out there and debate your opponents.”

Climate scientists have been hoping for the same thing off deniers….except some actual peer reviewed science, instead of gish gallopers, stage shows and side show alley freaks.

While I think Michael Mann's freshly filed lawsuits against CEI and NRO are fantastic”

There fixed it for you. :)


What is there to debate?

What to do about it, is certainly debatable.  But that's not what you guys are all about.

Heck… Last year it was all No climate change what so ever is occurring… and suddenly lock step (I'd like to know what kind of mind control did this) this year its all climate change, but not so bad.

In any case… why don't you put your money where your mouth is and point out some peer reviewed journal articles to read on the subject.  Last I checked, you guys can't produce a single one.

I mean.. seriously… Its its such a slam dunk that all of climate science is wrong, where is the evidence?

That MTV had to break the silence. Obamas answer was hardly reassuring and as per usual he exaggerates his own actions to the point of hyperbole. In reality his last term has done nothing in regards to climate.

The Green Party candidate for president would get my vote.