Fashion for the Discerning Climate Science Denier

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Whether you're skydiving onto the beaches of Durban, galavanting across the U.S. on the Tea Party's invitation to spread Birther lies about President Obama's birth certificate, pitching 'Fox News Australia' to a wealthy mining magnate, or referring to young climate activists as “Hitler Youthwithout apology, the discerning climate science (and reality) denier must make a fashion statement.

So believes the “Lord” Christopher Walter Monckton, the star of this must-see fashion show:

To be clear, none of these garments are actually for sale here, although those Koch goggles would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite parachutist, wouldn't they? 

But we do have some words straight from the model* himself about the lovely attributes of his latest fashion statement at COP18 in Doha, Qatar: 

I put on Qatari national dress (a white djellabah and black-corded kheffiyeh), which a prominent Doha businessman had unexpectedly presented to me at dinner the night before. The outfit is astonishingly comfortable in the Doha climate – cool in the heat of the day and yet warm enough to sit out and drink sweet green tea in the suq as the crescent moon of Islam climbed above the Sultan’s turret.

The security inspectors, wearing Arab costume identical to mine, were startled to see a paleface staring out at them from under the seemly-pinched wimple of the kheffiyeh. One of them helped me to arrange it in the distinctive and stylish Qatari fashion.

*Monckton is not really a fashion model*

Which is your favorite fashion statement from the show? Leave a comment below. 

UPDATE 2: Cindy Baxter reports that the UN has confirmed that Lord Monckton has been permanently barred from the UNFCCC process.

UPDATE: While the preceeding fashion show was a joke at the expense of the world's most bizarre climate denier, Lord Monckton has made a true ass of himself at the COP18 climate summit in Qatar. During a very real stocktaking plenary session earlier today, Monckton impersonated a delegate from Myanmar and wasted the time of the real delegates by grabbing a microphone to sputter disinformation.

Watch this clip put together by TckTckTck about Monckton's stunt which earned him boos from the audience, got him debadged, escorted out of the conference and he will likely be asked to leave Qatar: 

Photo Credit: “Monckton of Arabia” | CFACT - and yes, the URL for this image really is

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I think I'm going to go with the Exxon socks. They compliment the kilt so very well. Although I wouldn't be opposed to a little mix and match. You know, throwing in a bit of the daredevil with some items from the arab….