Monckton Banned From UN Climate Process For Offensive Stunt

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Christopher Monckton, Lord Crazypants of Brenchley, made a fool of himself today at COP18 in Doha, Qatar by impersonating a delegate in a plenary session. He was immediately debadged and escorted out of the conference, and is likely being deported from Qatar right now.

The UN now confirms that Lord Monckton has been permanently barred from the UNFCCC process. 

Cindy Baxter broke the news on Twitter

Good riddance, indeed. Over the years, Monckton has attempted to disrupt the UN process with various stunts of ill-taste - but none so offensive as the one he tried to pull this time.

Watch this clip put together by TckTckTck about Monckton's stunt which earned him boos from the audience, got him debadged, escorted out of the conference and he will likely be asked to leave Qatar: 

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But I love watching this train wreck embarress himself and his cabel of global warming hoax conspirators.

You folks can laugh all you want but you miss the point of Moncton's stunt. He got the headlines he wanted at Doha, and getting him banned just looks like a lame attempt by the Green activists to silence any kind of alternative views.

The facts are that fully one third of all CO2 emissions have occurred since 1998 with almost no measurable increase in global temperatures. This news is definitely NOT welcome at the Climate talks where developed counties are pulling hard for all the cash they can grab before the gig is up.

It doesn't look like a single green activist was involved at all.

To, me it looks like (Not) Lord Monckton pissed off the UN for a stunt.

Heck Hank, look around… getting driven out of negotiations for pulling stunts happens all time in Canada.  I think its effective been an effective tool against protestors.

Perhaps you should take a look at how the Harper Government is doing this thing, and get on page with the whole conservative credo.

Dude, you've still missed the point of it all! Don't you see, you guys are so busy adhom-ing all the 'denialists' that you can see the forest for the trees!

Moncton grabbed some headlines at Doha. And what do you think Joe the plumber is going to remember about Doha? Not the stupid discussions and attemped money grabs. They'll remember that there was “No warming for the past 16 years”. Do you get it now?

Which of Monckton's versions of what happened over the past 16 years should we believe, the 16 years with no warning he tells us about when he pretends to be  a Myanmar delegate or the “0.12 degrees C per decade” he tells us while standing by a camel? (2:10)

Why are deniers always contradicting themselves and why are deniers such as rasper so easily fooled by these dishonest conmen?

Joe plumber knows nothing of it.

It didn't even hit the news.  Its a stunt for a non-issue that will never be remembered.

Do you know what the news is in Calgary?  Conservative old Calgary?

Harper's Government has been trying to run all Climate and Environment talks off the rails.

That's what Joe Plumber is taking home in oil and gas central.

Moncton's stunt

Don't you mean Monckton's cupid stunt.

But I guess it is panto season Monckton for Widow Twankie anyone.

When the audience shouts, 'its behind you' they are alluding to his reputation, and like the crock at the end of the rainbow it will forever be out of his grasp.


I haven't paid that much attention to Monckton before. He might possibly have some blind spots with the science, but he is a very funny satirist and this stunt was hysterical.

Has warming stopped for 16 years? Alright, there's a clear longterm upward trend. 1998 was an El Nino high, which BTW, was also included in Mann's hockey stick. Still, at least for now, it doesn't appear that temps are rising as fast as projected. Is it taboo for anyone on warmist side to admit this?

Conman asks:

“Still, at least for now, it doesn't appear that temps are rising as fast as projected. Is it taboo for anyone on warmist side to admit this?”

Not only do scientists admit this they know exactly why it is happening. Deniers like to think (well I know they can't) that climate scientists say that all temperature variation is due to CO2 concentration. Of course this is a fallacy as any one who has read the scientific literature knows. Climate scientists are well aware that other factors do affect global temperatures. If you remove those other factors you see a pretty consistent rise in temperature.

This is shown in the work of Foster and Rhamstorf: