DeSmog's Kevin Grandia Featured in Rolling Stone's Fossil Fuel Resistance Edition

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Kevin Grandia, DeSmog's former Managing Editor and current senior consultant, is featured in this month's Rolling Stone magazine.

Kevin Grandia: The Muckraker, as Rolling Stone aptly calls him, is recognized for his excellent work in the aftermath of Climategate especially. As long-time DeSmog readers will remember well, Kevin read every page of the stolen emails and worked overtime to educate reporters about the way that climate deniers had ginned up a fake controversy out of thin air. 

Rolling Stone's Jesse Hyde writes:

Grandia hopes something like that never happens again – which is why he now helps run DeSmogBlog, a Canadian website that does daily battle with climate change skeptics, aggregating the best research on global warming and dissecting misinformation campaigns backed by right-wing think tanks. He's traced much of the money that funds anti-global-warming research back to the fossil fuel industry and found that some of the most outspoken skeptics once worked for Big Tobacco. “They're using the exact same tactics they used to convince people smoking doesn't cause cancer,” Grandia says. “It's a tactic that's been around forever. You can muddle up a debate for a long time just by creating doubt.”

Grandia is featured alongside Tim DeChristopher, James Hansen, Maria Gunnoe, Sandra Steingraber and a dozen other incredible fossil fuel resisters in Rolling Stone. And of course, don't miss Bill McKibben's article about the climate movement rising to challenge the fossil fuel status quo.

Congrats to Kevin from the DeSmog team! 

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However… they have a habit of arguing tooth and nail.   And this isn't the hill I want to die on.  I'm more concerned about climate change.  (Just my opinion anyways.)

The subject came up on my other forums. Then the Denial Machine sprung into action… *sigh*

Tariff is only applied to international shipments of unrefined product coming into the country, or to domestic product at the refinery. Definition only applies to IRS treatment of product. Not to any other regulatory agencies or anything else at all. Would have to research more about how much crude product enters country by tanker. EIA data is tough to decipher on this. Could dig deeper, but have some other priorities right now. Will come back to it at some point for sure.