Climate Denial Playbook: Marc Morano's History of Bullying Scientists

If you've even heard of Marc Morano, you probably watched him angrily attacking a climate scientist, journalist or Al Gore on Fox News or on his blog Climate Depot, a project of the Donors Trust and oil industry-funded CFACT. Morano is so agitated in his climate denial that he once advocated that climate scientists be “publicly flogged.”

Originally a producer for the Rush Limbaugh Show, Morano ascended (descended?) to the position of Communications Director for Sen. James Inhofe (R-Denial), where he helped his boss to abuse the power of the Senate hearings process to attack climate science and promote conspiracy theories. Inhofe and Morano were corrected and debunked endlessly, but facts have proven no obstacle to Morano's crusade against science confirming the role of fossil fuel pollution in driving global warming.  

Morano has also worked for extreme right wing operatives Howard Phillips, Paul Weyrich and Brent Bozell. Morano once quipped to a group of Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists that, “Inhofe is as far left as I'll go for an employer.”

Morano's current organization, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), has received over $4.1 million in funds from the shadowy Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund between 2002-2011, plus an additional $582,000 from ExxonMobil between 1998-2012, according to Greenpeace's updated report, Dealing In Doubt

In partnership with Polluterwatch, DeSmog presents the first in a series of Climate Denial Playbook entries for some of the most notorious climate deniers. Fittingly, Marc Morano kicks off the series: 


You have done some fine and factual reporting.    You politely and fairly describe Morano.   Maybe that's because you are a journalist/publisher.   A psychologist might call Morano a media sociopath. 

If providing an alternate perspective in addition to sharing fact data is now labeled as bullying than something is seriously wrong here.

As long as you define alternate perspective as fringe tin hat material which is completely outside long established known and understood science;

Tyndall 1861 is the first scientific paper discussing the absorbtion of radiation in gases.  We use much more advanced versions of this science in oil refineries and the like today.  (This keeps them from exploding.)

Now consider that Morano's attacking cold war military heros and calling them liars.

(Levitus is well known for his work studying heat in the oceans for hunting submarines, that is where I know him from.  All this climate data is military data, and yes, its classified, and yes, all allies gather and share this data.)

Lastly, he wants climate scientists publicly flogged.  Does that sound reasonable to you?  Does it really sound right?  Would it be acceptable for children to say such things in school?  Seriously, the guy's a nut job.  No two ways about it.

Lets go through his qualitifications… He's a political scientist with no qualifications what so ever.  The guy's a stupid blow hard;

How did Norman Schwarzkopf describe saddam again, oh yes;

“As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist: He is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational art, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that, he's a great military man.”

And don't forget that Morano gets his best info from a guy with a mere High School Diploma…    Who's paid by oil companies.  You'd have to be pretty stupid to go to a high schooler for any sort of understanding of science.

Mr AnOilMan,

I'm Judging Mr. Morano based on simple scientific methodology.  “Long established known and understood science” is allowed to have questions raised and new research brought into it.  Mr Morano has only provided a means to make the public aware of alternative theories and viewpoints with supportive, current data.  Scientific thinking does not require a high school diploma.  It is the natural ability humans have at questioning and searching for an answer.  It's what makes science great.

Public flogging of any type of science is part of the scientific method and no one can change that.  Concern should be raised when the flogging is viewed as bullying as this site has tried to establish with Mr. Morano.  Debate is good.  Qualification is overrated.

What would he know about scientific methology?  He studied poli-sci.  Engineers drop out into poli-sci.  Physicists drop out into poli-sci.  It doesn't work the other way around.

Since you don't do technical work, let me clue you in. The debate in science is in the journals.   I don't think I'm going in a limb here by pointing out that Mr. Moron is unpublished.  Ergo… he has yet to begin debating.

As for his cat calling on TV and Blogs; Name the published articles he's holding up and the scientific journals they are published in.  I will look up the scientific journals and pull those papers and read them.  I'm quite versed in this stuff.  What journals is he reading to get his information?  (Lemme guess, you don't know.  That's the usual response these days.)

Mr Morano is inciting hate against people who do real work for a living.  Read what he said.  Don't debate it.  Read it;

He doesn't wish anyone harm. But he sees opportunity. “I seriously believe we should kick them while they're down,” he said. “They deserve to be publicly flogged.”

Your personal belief that he said something different is insensible.  Why would you say that?  Here's a public flogging, does this really look civilized to you?  Do you hear the screams?  Does it look enjoyable to you?

Mr. Morano believes we should publicly flog scientists some of whom are American war heros.

Mr. AnOilMan,

I thought comments on this site would be a little bit more civilized.  You have proven instead the extremist mindset that you obtain.  If you don't understand my comment you have proven that you are completely lost.  Who are you to judge people who question and think independently.  Scientific Journals are also overated and are used as a control mechanism over theories.

Nobody is inciting hate it is how you read into that part of it and you are taking it personally.  You are seeing the word flog as a term of maliciousness.  Take a breather!

I'm used to hearing your kind of claims to lack of civility.  Yet you personally support a man who incites hate.

You have failed to offer any reasonable evidence of any scientific efforts by Mr Morano.

You clearly don't know what you're talking about when it comes to science or journals.  Scientists who lie or falsify data, are positively identified and tossed out;

If you have no peer review and you get garbage;

What BS that gets through is very few and far between (and that most certinly doesn't become a new branch of science because you can't reproduce it);

Would you really feel better if Mr Morano was accorded the same technical respect as an Engineer and allowed to design oil refineries?  We don't read a book and do it.  We have to understand the science, and we have to read the latest up to date articles from scientific journals.  We don't read comments from low brow blow hards and bloggers with high school Diplomas.

As I've pointed out to you before, repeatedly, Lara, Desmogblog deletes my posts too.  You conveniently forget that every time you show up to complain.

Now you advise people to listen to a man who only has a high school diploma, and a pay check from the oil and gas industry, Anthony Watts, for advice on climate science.

What kind of looser would go to Anthony Watts?  I mean… the guy is like the Rasputin of the Oil and Gas industry.  He job is to spread FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) about climate science.  Would you go to a hair dresser for financial advice?  Would you go to your car mechanic for legal advice?  Maybe you would, but I wouldn't.

As always Lara I ask, nay… I beg you to provide a scientific paper which really knocks a hole in climate science.  So far you have refused to do so.  I think you do this because you know there is no such science.

Have a great day.