The Worst Koch-Funded Lies About Climate Change in 90 Seconds

Read time: 1 min

The Koch brothers have spent far more than even ExxonMobil to spread doubt and misinformation about the 97% scientific consensus on climate change in recent years — over $67 million on climate denial, in fact. Out of 13,950 peer-reviewed scientific journals, only 24 reject global warming. But the Kochs and the extensive, well-funded network of front groups and media echo chambers would prefer that we ignore our responsibility to stay well below 2 degress Celsius of warming so that the Koch brothers and their friends can continue to profit from pollution-based enterprises. 

The folks at Brave New Films compiled this great 90-second video of some of the worst Koch-funded lies about global warming for your viewing displeasure. Watch “The Worst Koch-Funded Lies About Climate Change”: 

Speaking of the Koch brothers, have you see the new We are Koch ad campaign from Koch Industries?  

The Daily Show with John Stewart did an amazing take-down of the We are Koch ad campaign tonight. Watch it (H/T Josh Feldman and Mediaite).

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