Breaking! Climate Deniers 'Friends of Science' Say Solutions Uneconomical

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Pardon my sarcasm in the title, but I am still getting over the shock that the Alberta-based climate science attack group Friends of Science still think they are relevant.

Last week, the much discredited group issued a report attempting to throw a damp towel on Canada's tepid commitment to dealing with climate change.

Those who have followed DeSmogBlog from the beginning will remember Tim Ball, Tom Harris and the rest of the Friends of Science, a group once caught out for taking money from oil companies and trying to hide it through a convoluted series of back channels involving the Calgary Foundation and Prime Minister's Stephen Harper's fishing buddy Dr. Barry Cooper.

But I am even more shocked that the Friends of Science think that after all the time and money they spent trying to discredit the realities of climate change, they are now somehow in an authoritative position to have a say in the debate about how this country deals with the issue of climate change.

A look at the Friends of Science website today finds a hodge podge of conspiracy theories about how climate science is “faulty.” Much discredited claims like “sea ice is increasing” and “carbon dioxide has nominal impact on temperature” appear on their homepage, while at the same time, their report titled “Climate Change Targets for Canada - Examining the Implications,” argues against the solutions for the very thing they say is in fact a hoax!

So let me get this straight. You say something doesn't actually exist, it is a hoax and a conspiracy, or at the least nothing to worry about, but you also want to have an opinion on how we deal with this problem you say actually doesn't exist in the first place?

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