350.org Launches Crowd-Funded Ad Campaign To Hold Polluter-Friendly Politicians Accountable

350.org and CREDO Mobile are testing a new tactic to turn up the heat on polluter-friendly politicians who receive large campaign contributions from dirty energy interests and then turn around and vote against public health and the environment. Kinda like the Senators who recently voted to gut the Clean Air Act, like Scott Brown (R-MA) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH), for example.

Making phone calls and signing petitions to Congress are tried and true grassroots organizing tactics, but there are other tools that might have an even greater impact. That’s why 350 and CREDO are experimenting with crowd-sourcing - asking a few Senators’ constituents to crowd-fund ads connecting the dots between their Senator’s vote to gut the Clean Air Act and their campaign contributions from polluters.
The first ad push is seeking to bring a bipartisan smackdown to two dirty-moneyed Senators named Brown - Republican Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio. The Browns are both big takers of dirty polluter money - Scott to the tune of $1,907,988 and Sherrod a whopping $3,464,689.

350 and CREDO are trying to raise $12,000 in the next week to put up the ads in both Ohio and Massachusetts. The groups are a little iffy about the plan, noting the weak economy and the ease of “clicktivism” which might discourage people to participate in an effort that actually requires forking over a few bucks.

350’s Jamie Henn says:”We hope to show them that corporations aren’t the only ones who can team up and buy some ads. With the right tools and a bit of motivation, citizens can make an impact too.”

What do you think? Does this tactic stand a chance of success? Let’s see some clicktivists weigh in below in the comments section.


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Useing impressionable children to promote porpaganda and lies.

This is as shameful now as it was in the 1930 when Hitler abused children with the Hitler youth movement.

And over such an obvious scam.

Be kind to trees
Target 1000 ppm!!!

Traditional method would be a signature campaign but the one your proposing may also work but will really need the cooperation of alot of people since some financials is involved.

Shame on these politicians! After getting elected, they forget that their duty is to uphold the rights of their constituents, of the American people. And now, they just work only to fill their pockets.

Here’s the joke.
Atmospheric CO2 stood at 349.57ppm in 1986.
25 years later, it’s around 394.35ppm (Mauna Loa) and rising at an ever accelerating rate.
Does Bill McKibben have the faintest idea how long it would take to get back to 350ppm if human CO2 emissions stopped completely, tomorrow?
Ten years, 50, 100, 400 or never?
I’d be inclined to change 350.org to 450.org, quickly.