A Video Response for ABC Australia

As we reported earlier today on DSBlog, ABC Australia will be airing Mrtin Durkin's “Great Global Warming Swindle” tonight.

ABC requested video responses to their decision to air the Swindle. DeSmogBlog replied.

Check out our video below. And check out our previous posts on the Swindle here.  


Isn’t it the case that there was at least one scientist - Carl Wunch - who was featured in the movie but who demanded that it not be shown because it misrepresents his views and his work? RealClimate had more on that story, but it’d be interesting to see if TGGWS will be blocked from broadcast or not due to Wunch’s complaints.

Martin Durkin edited the film down for international audiences and has taken all reference to Carl Wunch out of the piece that was screened in Australia. They have re-voiced some of the programme.

Moreover, one of the controversial graphs has now been changed three times.

Seems that Durkin is running from the controversy, changing his film again and again as he continues to get caught out ignoring or changing facts.

That's very interesting. Do you have anything to back this up. Not that I don't believe you, it's just that it would make a great post. 

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