Accuracy in Media: A New Spin on the Spinners Spin

Accuracy in Media (AIM) is a New Right website that claims dedication to promoting “fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting.” But this post gives a wonderful example of how twisted this “impartial” media monitoring has become. AIM assails MSNBC-TV host Keith Olbermann for suggesting that there might be a top-down, pro-Bush bias in his organization. Not possible, AIM claims, because NBC is owned by GE, which famously acknowledges that climate change is a real and pressing problem - in obvious contradiction to the Bush administration's position.

Confused? Well, so is AIM. On one hand, it acknowledges that GE CEO and chairman Jeffrey Immelt contributed to George W. Bush's campaign. On the other, it holds that because Immelt clearly disagrees with the Bush administration on climate change, he must be a raving left-wing fellow traveller. It suggests AIM regards “fairness, balance and accuracy” as agreeing 100 per cent, and on every issue, with the current President of the United States.