Additions to our Global Warming Denier database

Our research team is constantly scouring the internet and mainstream media for people in the global warming denial industry touting themselves as experts on the issue. You can find the results of our research in our global warming denier database.

Here are few we’ve added recently:

Willie Soon

Willie Soon has been affiliated with several organizations that have received funding from ExxonMobil, the Scaife Family Foundations, and the Koch Family Foundations.

Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy is the publisher of the websites and, a columnist for Fox News, co-creator and manager of the Free Enterprise Action Fund, an adjunct analyst with the right-wing think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the president of the business consulting firm Steven J. Milloy, Inc.

Joanne Nova

Joanne Nova is a self-proclaimed climate change skeptic who declares that science has disproved the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Joanne Simpson

Despite what Joanne Simpson calls “incomplete information”, she says “we must act on the recommendations of Gore and the IPCC because if we do not reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and the climate models are right, the planet as we know it will in this century become unsustainable.”

Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Schmitt is a self-proclaimed climate skeptic.  According to GoogleScholar, Schmitt has not published any peer-reviewed articles on climate change.

Richard Lindzen

Richard Lindzen’s scientific stance on climate change and anthropogenic global warming is that the earth goes through natural periods of global warming and cooling.



I don’t think Joanne Simpson is a ‘denier’. Her letter was intended for a small audience of scientists, not the general public, and was a plug for using TRMM data (she was an outstanding Project Scientist on TRMM) to validate or discredit changes in the equatorial region:

“The modelers say that higher greenhouse warming produces recognizable changes in the Walker circulation. What better data is there to test such model results than the tropical rain products from TRMM?”

That her email got picked up by deniers and quote-mined is unfortunate. But I doubt she expected this. Her forte is not climate, or any kind of modeling, and she probably does not understand the intricacies. She noticed rancorous debate and proposed a solution. I’d guess she was naive about the politics of this issue.