Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions

Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED)


The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWEDdescribes itself as “an informal, non-partisan, non-profit coalition of North American individuals, organizations, communities, and businesses who are primarily concerned about the future of the electrical energy sector.” [3]

AWED's website is the successor site to and the group and site is run by anti-wind power activist John Droz, Jr. [1], [2]

According to the AWED website, its purpose is to “sort through many thousands of articles, studies and reports on energy matters, select a representative cross-section of informative material, and then organize it in an understandable manner.” It claims that its primary objective is to “put some balance into what citizens hear about energy and environmental matters from the mainstream media, and most of our academic systems.” [2]

AWED's “New Members” page gives readers a guide on how to fight wind energy with public relations tactics: [4]

“Ultimately, victory or defeat in fighting scourges like wind energy, comes down to how well we understand and utilize Public Relations (PR). […] PR may be perceived as 'shady' or worse, but actually it is no more than communication. To have a real chance to win a local challenge, community advocates MUST go about this in the right way!”

The page sets out the “opponent” as any advocate of wind energy, and links to articles such as “the most effective way to frame your message” or “PR suggestions to win the battle and the war.” [4]

Stance on Climate Change

At AWED, Droz links to his position statement on climate change (emphasis added): [5]

“As a scientist I have been asked to elaborate a bit on my position regarding the Global Warming proposition — and how it relates to wind energy. These are very legitimate (and important) questions.

The main hypothesis put forward is technically called Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), where the fancy term “anthropogenic” means “man-made.”

Although I am not a climatologist, as a scientist I know how to do thorough and objective research. (BTW, skepticism is a key ingredient of true scientists.) In my capacity as a scientist, I have read literally hundreds of reports and studies on this climate issue, from numerous experts. After digesting these studies and reports, it is very clear to me that AGW is still a scientifically unresolved matter. This is what is called a hypothesis.”

Later in his document, Droz claims to debunk “myths” related to climate change. He links to the blog WUWT by Anthony Watts, the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), Marc Morano's Climate Depot, Judith Curry's Climate Etc., the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change's CO2 ScienceFriends of Science, and the debunked Oregon Petition among other sources.

On Wind 

Our basic position is that industrial wind energy fails to deliver the goods. By this we mean that wind energy: [4]

“a) is not a technically sound solution to provide electricity, or to meaningfully reduce global warming, and
b) is not an economically viable source of energy on its own, and
c) is not environmentally responsible.”

WHOIS Information



AWED does not disclose funding information on its website.

Key People

  • John Droz, Jr. [1]

In a “Special Thanks” section, Droz gives thanks “to those who contributed constructive ideas for this website,” adding a note: “the fact that these good people made helpful contributions should not be construed as their unqualified endorsement of everything that appears on the website”: [1]


AWED's primary activity appears to be a newsletter published every three weeks at MasterResource, a “free-market energy blog.” [6]

Droz wrote at Master Resource: “A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every three weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and the environment. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.” [6]

The newsletter appears to primarily aggregate content from climate change denial groups, blogs, and conservative news sources to attack wind power. [6]

Past AWED newsletters below:

Related Organizations

  • (“Wind Production Tax Credit Facts”) — Also registered by John Droz. [7]

Contact & Address

AWED does not list a physical address on its website. John Droz lists his own mailing address on his “Casual CVon the AWED website: [8]

John Droz lists his mailing address on his “casual CV”:

1722 River Drive Morehead City,
NC 28557
[email protected]

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