Another "Inhofian" moment for the head-in-sand Senator

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Honestly, how much money would it take to defeat Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) the next time he runs for Senate? Because I don’t know about you, but I’m more than a little tired of Inhofe’s messed up logic when it comes to the science of climate change.

In a radio program today, Inhofe declared his victory because, ” the science is totally changed.” As Inhofe explains it,

“It was the IPCC, those intergovernmental panel on climate change with the United Nations. But keep in mind, the only report you get from them is their summary for policy docs. And those are not scientists. There’s only 52 scientists that signed on to those, to that, as opposed to what? Some 650 who now have rebuked that. And one last thing on my check list that has to be said is on Gore’s science fiction film, every assertion that he’s made has been refuted. I’m talking about hurricanes, sea level rises, ice caps, polar bears, you know. So, the science has turned around, but the economics has not turned around. And that’s what we need to remind people.”

What Inhofe fails to grasp is that science is not a popularity contest where the person with the most friends wins. It’s about researching and publishing your findings in the peer-reviewed scientific literature where it is held up for all to see, scrutinize and be challenged.

ThinkProgress has the full radio transcript here: Inhofe Declares Victory Over The U.N.-MoveOn-Soros Global Warming Conspiracy: I’ve Prevailed.

And by the way, I’m serious about raising the money to defeat Inhofe in his next Senate race.

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Where to I send a cheque? This guy is off in some fantasy world all his own.  I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when the new science team for the administration gets their policies rolling.  Picture Inhofe turning purple, foaming at the mouth, steam coming out his ears, being carried off to Bellevue in a straitjacket.