Bill Blakemore talks to Bill McKibben

Environmental author Bill McKibben spoke Saturday morning as part of the “Corporate Green” panel at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference in Burington, Vermont.

Though he was flooded with people wanting to meet him afterwards, I managed to be on hand when Bill Blakemore, senior correspondent for ABC News, introduced himself and asked McKibben a few questions about climate change and where we're headed politically.

Listen to their 6-minute conversation here. One of my favorite quotes from McKibben, wondering about what has gone wrong with the media coverage of the issue: “It's not a complicated story at all. There's never been a simpler scientific story - burn gas, emit carbon dioxide, heat the atmosphere. That's it. It's not like you need to be a PhD to understand it. And in fact, 80% of Americans believe it's real and think it's happening and believe we should do something about it, and it's been that way for a long time.”