Gregory Benford Podcast

We grabbed a quick interview with one of this afternoon's speakers, Dr Gregory Benford. It's about 6 minutes long and you should definitely give it a listen if you want to hear about one proposed solution to global warming!
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I think this idea will have to be tried. As the world wakes up to the global warming crisis we are probably going to find out that we are too late to stop it.  The standard approach of reducing emissions will not be enough. So the Americans will leap to the rescue with their techo-fix. If it works it will buy us time to restructure our energy system. But, like the little boy with his finger in the dike, we will have to keep doing it. Eventually decades in the future we may be able to stop once the CO2 has been brought down to acceptable levels.

Listened to it. Very interesting. Me too, I suppose this idea have to be tried. The pollution and nature problems are the most important nowadays.